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Zalando invests in Brieselanger bus line: mobility 4.0 – Companies can help out – Berlin

Friday, October 13th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Everyone knows how Zalando comes to us. Still with the delivery van, in the foreseeable future also with the drone or a friendly greeting robot, which delivers sneaker and jeans free house and pulls off with a soft whirring again. But how to get to Zalando? The logistics center on the edge of the village of Brieselang nestles in the green landscape, northwest of the Bredow Forest. If you do not have a car, come by bus. After all, there are 1300 people working there, the municipality is clammy, and the line 649 was regarded as financially endangered. Now Zalando donates 50,000 euros to the municipal enterprise Havelbus, the neighboring competitor Amazon gives a subsidy. What a blessing that Brieselang does not belong to Berlin, because in the capital public-private partnerships are undesirable for political reasons. This is a pity, because Google or Tesla could certainly make a nice contribution to make the Twelve-Village community Berlin forward-looking mobile. Totally new possibilitiesTeslas Chief Elon Musk could start his Mars mission from Tegel Airport. And Google takes the automated rail connection with perfect WLAN service to Schönefeld. For example, the BER airport could sponsor Microsoft, perhaps for the first time in cooperation with Apple. With a completely new fire protection system 4.0 and mobile phone reserveable bike stands. The Red-Red-Green Senate would have to be able to make friends with this.


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