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Xposed Framework for Android 7 released

Monday, October 9th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Android provider Google has deleted hundreds of affected apps from the Play Store and removed from the infected devices.
                (Picture: dpa, Britta Pedersen / dpa)
             The Xposed Framework, which serves as the basis for further modifications to the Android operating system, is now also available for devices with Android nougat.


        With the Xposed Framework for Android, modules can be used to make comprehensive changes to the operating system, even without the need to install a CustomROM. With Android KitKat (4.4) or Lollipop (5), the software was the main reason for many users to roam their smartphone or tablet. For the Android 7 (Nougat) offered for almost a year, the Xposed Framework was not available. The XDA developer rovo89 has now released the official version of the Xposed Network for Android 7 and 7.1.
Xposed Framework and ModuleWho would like to use the Xposed Framework on its Android device, it is no longer necessary to flash CustomROMs with unstable versions of the Xposed Framework, but can install the latest version of the software by means of an installer after a root of its device. After that, for example, popular modules such as GravityBox can be installed, which allow you to make extensive changes to the operating system. The App Settings module, on the other hand, allows you to customize the language, font, or resolution of installed applications.
Version for Android Oreo is to follow The long wait until the release of the Xposed Framework for Android 7 was rovo89 due to the numerous changes to the operating system by Google. The newly introduced just-in-time compiler required, for example, the complete rewriting of the old code. For the Android Oreo (8) published more than a month ago, the development is expected to be faster in the opinion of rovo89. Compared to the predecessor relatively new developments in the runtime environment could accelerate the development. In addition, Android Oreo is currently only 0.2 percent of all Android devices are used.
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