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Worrying signs: 30 years "Black Monday": Is the next crash immediately before? | Message

Thursday, October 19th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Experts are still unanimous to date, which were indeed the reasons for the brussenkranch at the time. While there are some indicators that have been shown to have contributed to this, the "Black Monday" broke down surprisingly over the financial world.
What led to "Black Monday"

The growing complexity of the market, due to the increasing computerization, is allocated a large portion of the debt. At this time, NYSE and NASDAQ specialists were criticized after being flooded by an enormous amount of orders and hampered by a slow flow. A further cause should have been port insurance. These were originally introduced to stem the loss of investors in striking markets. This product has become more and more popular a few years before the fearsome Brsentag. Finally, shortly before the fall, however, there was the concern that the massive use of such products could lead to a rapid, negative course of stock prices when investors were to sell equities and index futures at the same time.
Before the "Black Monday", the S & P 500 index fell by nine percent, which was one of the biggest weekly declines in decades. This has been perceived as a sales signal for many portfolio insurance models.
The downtrend was further pushed ahead, when investment funds had to sell shares.
In addition, margin calls contributed to the break-in of the breach. They lacked reliable real-time information and solvency.
Signs of another collapse

The financial markets have changed considerably over time. This change was particularly influenced by new technologies. The entire system is now much more complex than it was three years ago, said the co-founder of DataTrek Research Nicholas Colas. But these changes made the stock market more fragmented. Critics see a pool for problems because of the no longer connected market.
The greatest concern, however, is that the current market system has not experienced such a crisis, and there are difficulties in identifying possible causes. The reason for this is the lack of transparency as compared to the previous years, explains Charles Greisst, Professor of Economics and Finance in Manhattan. The changed market structure gave rise to fragmentation problems and liquidity gaps, which would almost certainly lead to a repetition of "Black Monday", as a report on "marketwatch" suggests.
The ever-increasing all-time high on the global equities could soon lead to a subsequent end.
Fed chief as a fighter?

The influence of the US Reserve "Federal Reserve" is great, the position of the central bank is therefore an important item. We are currently discussing which person would be eligible to read the current banknote editor Janet Yellen in the next year. This is a sensitive issue on the market. For 30 years ago, even before the Brsencrash, a change of power within the central bank caused uncertainty among investors. At this time, banknote Alan Greenspan took his term.

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