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Worry about garden monument: Gods tree plague threatens parks – Berlin

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Günter Hahn points to a large tree that sways in the wind in front of a skyscraper in Thälmannpark. "That's the primal tree here in the park," says Hahn. For some years, the Chinese tree of God has spread in Thälmannpark. As botanical laymen initially believed that they are vinegar trees. "Information was provided after these plants were recognized as divine trees during two park tours at the end of 2017," says Hahn. Since then Hahn and the resident initiative Thälmannpark fight a hopeless fight. Because it did not stay with the one tree. Meanwhile, the deities shoot everywhere in the park from the ground. Eventually, the seeds have flown in from Antonplatz in Weißensee, where the former construction councilor Jens-Holger Kirchner officially planted a copy in 2012. Apparently, the green at that time did not know exactly about this seemingly exotic splash of color. The special feature of this tree genus, which originates from China, Korea and Vietnam, is not only that it is very undemanding, that it grows quickly and grows up to 30 meters high. In addition to the sometimes unpleasant odor, the poisonous leaves, which can cause skin irritation even when in contact, are disadvantageous for humans. In Switzerland and Hungary, one systematically attacks them. The biggest problem is that where the tree of the gods once takes root, it is virtually impossible to get it gone again. It spreads rapidly, over seeds that can fly up to ten kilometers through a kind of propeller, in addition to the root system. In the course of a few decades, the trees of the trees can thus completely displace native shrubs and trees. The tree has long since become a plague on the shores of the Rhine, while in Basel it is systematically used, as it has been in Hungary. The tree of the gods is also on the rise in Berlin. In the early 19th century he came in the course of trying silkworm breeding via Paris to Steglitz in the silk mill "Filanda" in the Filandastrasse. Perhaps he spread from there independently in the direction of the center. The reason is simple: The tree of the gods is resistant to salt, dryness and industrial emissions, only cold sets to it. That's why he prefers the warmer city center locations in Berlin, and the increasingly milder winters caused the population to skyrocket here in recent years. No resources: Pankow's building council powerless

Apparently this has not gotten around everywhere in the district offices. The street and green space office (SGA) Pankow had already been contacted several times, especially as it is at the Thälmannpark act as a garden monument, so the resident Günter Hahn. Apart from the obligatory "we have too few workers" but no reaction came in. The responsible district councilor Vollrad Kuhn (B'90 / Greens) contradicts even the expert opinion divided estimation that the deity tree as an invasive species ousts native plants: "It will be As with all eco-systems, the access to a new, more competitive species leads to a new balance and species distribution – this is called climate adaptation or natural selection. "The tree of the gods is better adapted to the" new "climatic conditions and is thus better understood than some native species , Nevertheless, it makes sense to prevent a spread. At present, the undesirable growth of the tree of the gods in Anton-Saefkow-Park and Thälmannpark would be reduced. A reversal will definitely not be possible ", but for capacity reasons, only individual focal areas would be processed. "The SGA is definitely not in a position to handle this task with the currently available human and financial resources."


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