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  World of Miracles TV relies on blockchain in media licensing and announces own ICO | Bit Updates
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World of Miracles TV relies on blockchain in media licensing and announces own ICO

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

World of Wonders TV is planning the world's first blockchain solution for the international trade of media licenses. For this purpose, a separate crypto currency is placed and issued as part of an internationally oriented token sales. BTC-ECHO was headquartered in Munich and talked with Hendrik Hey, CEO and moderator of Welt der Wunder TV. Background and Motivation for the Blockchain Platform Nowadays, when media licenses are traded, complicated contracts make the process more difficult and slow, based on the very different types of usage. Content owners (eg producers, distributors or library owners) as well as content buyers (eg worldwide TV stations, VOD platforms, but also increasingly publishers with their online portals) waste a lot of time and money for the design of contracts that make the official use of video licenses possible. Due to the global distribution of the industry and thus the widely distributed supply and demand situation on the market, there are hardly any standards or standards. Each contract is unnecessarily renegotiated over and over again. Blockchain's standards and automation would take that inefficiency out of the process. Wunder's world of television brings decades of experience in licensing and its international networks. "World of Wonders has been at home in both worlds for over 20 years" says Hendrik Hey, founder of Welt der Wunder TV. "We are both a producer and a TV station group in Germany and Switzerland and therefore know the needs of both sides very well," says Hendrik Hey weiter.Kooperationspartner To implement this, Welt der Wunder TV works with the multimedia company Swiss TXT – a 100% subsidiary of Swiss public television. The telecommunications company Swisscom – equivalent to Deutsche Telekom – is responsible for the technical implementation and blockchain implementation. Swisscom has already made a name for itself as a blockchain specialist and, with its subsidiary, Blockchain AG, will provide the necessary expertise for the token sale. For these operational reasons, the platform will be based in Switzerland. Thus, the ICO on World of Wonders TV / Switzerland implemented.Without content no businessTo have right at the launch of the platform on a content basis, World of Wonder TV will provide all their content. In concrete terms, CEO Henrik Hey explains what this means in an interview with BTC-ECHO: "We're entering a very large archive, namely our content, and that has a gross manufacturing value of around 200 million euros, because we said without fuel the engine will not drive. "This is over 5000 hours of high-quality broadcast material as well as several 10,000 clips for use on online portals of leading publishers. Hendrik Hey goes on to say that this is laying an important foundation for the market of worldwide TV and media licensing of approximately $ 500 billion. In addition to the economic incentives offered by the Blockchain platform – the brokerage fees are significantly lower than it currently is – the platform should strengthen the bargaining position of the producers. "The much more important part for us is the producer, that is the creative in the process And of course our heart beats for that too. Giving [Produzenten] better market access and more competition is certainly a huge advantage for him, "emphasizes Hey. Producers can use the platform to find purchasers that are simpler and cheaper, so that less well-connected and financially strong producers are better off The MILC token The token of the platform should be called "MILC" (MIcro Licensing Coin) and become a fixed "payment currency" in the worldwide media licensing business. A limited volume of 40 million MILCs is planned. On 1.12.2017 begins the presale phase, which should end no later than 15.1.2018. A Publicsale phase is to follow thereafter and will still be communicated. From 15 November 2017, interested investors can already sign up for a whitelist. The funds from the ICO will flow into the completion and international marketing of the distribution platform. Should further funds be available, the platform also plans to actively promote new, valuable content. Among other things, this can be done by pre-financing and accompanying the content of selected projects. The platform can thus make another contribution to make good content faster possible.Further information on the ICO can be found at www.weltderwunder / ico.de.More information on the ICO and the potential of the Blockchain project you get in a detailed interview with Henrik Hey from World of Miracles TV. This and many other videos can be found on our Youtube channel.BTC-ECHOAbout Sven WagenknechtSven Wagenknecht is editor-in-chief of BTC-ECHO and is responsible for editorial planning as well as business development. After completing his training as a banker, he studied politics and economics in Münster and completed various career stages, for example in one of the leading management consultancies and in the Federal Ministry of Economics. He is particularly fascinated by the blockchain technology's long-term implications for politics, society and the economy. As Speaker, most recently at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017, he will talk about the macroeconomic potential of Blockchain. All contributions by Sven Wagenknecht


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