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Wolfenstein 2 played: Frankenstein, the Nazi-killer

Friday, October 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             In Wolfenstein 2 the Nazis took over the USA. Technology and presentation are great, but the game suffers from some design decisions.

                Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (German) (PC)
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The Swedish developers of Machine Games have a sense of humor. Three years ago, they breathed new life into the then somewhat detached Wolfenstein series with the furious "Wolfenstein: The New Order". The "Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus", which will be released on the market tomorrow, will continue the story, which plays in an alternative timeline. The Nazis not only won World War II, but also occupied the US.
The player slips into the role of B.J. Blazkowicz, an indestructible individual who fights the Nazis with machine guns and axes at the very beginning. Blazkowicz's body must suffer extreme this time. But he is always patched together, so he mutated in the course of the game to a Frankenstein monster.
The strictly focused on the solo campaign concentrating ego shooter lives from the trashy story, which leads Blazkovicz from a submarine over contaminated New York to secret bases next to the "Area 51". Blazkowicz's crew showcased the most complex intersections, planning their next missions from their submarine headquarters, and repeatedly meeting Mrs. Engel. This blonde Nazi blend reminiscent of the Ilsa Trash films from the 70s and is (at least in the first few hours) the only charismatic opponent. It would be a good idea to meet a few new villains, who had a great time in the predecessor.
Great techniqueThe presentation is actually the highlight of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. On the PS4 Pro the game is distributed on suitable TVs in 4K and runs always butterweich with 60 fps. The actual rendered resolution may sometimes be somewhat lower, but aliasing effects are not an issue on at least 4K TVs. It is rather annoying that the game does not support HDR output and in some scenes color ribbons can be seen. German synchronization has been successful, even if it is sometimes not exactly lapsynchronous to the figures.

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    The interim sequences were staged filmreif. However, you would want some new Nazi villains. Frau Engel is already known from the first part (picture: heise)

Dramatically, however, the Swedes make a similar mistake as in the first part: The first mission is here and there one of the weakest in the whole game. Blazkowicz has to roll with a wheelchair through a narrow submarine. This is mostly straight through narrow aisles, there are hardly any tactical variations. After all, it will soon be on foot again, but also here, in the first hours, largely narrow tunnels and buildings, which run linearly, dominate. Large areas, where you have to manage and to sneak enemies, are shortages. The famous creepy mechanics from the first part is largely broken.
One of the most effective combat techniques is the close-up attack with the ax. Since Blazkowicz is extremely fast in running mode, he can jump from opponent to opponent. In some levels, it is even possible to simply sprint past opponents. Sometimes you do not find the exit or the next destination. It can be displayed on a kind of compass, but it is not always visible. This will solve other games more elegantly.
Unbalanced BalanceNot quite the developers could clearly decide how the player should take medicine packs and ammunition. In principle, it is enough to run over the packs and to record them automatically. This does not always work and you get a button each time you press. This affects the game flow, especially when the opponents drop tons of ammunition in the lower difficulty levels.


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            Wolfenstein 2
             – Some scenes from the first mission
        Speaking of difficulty: You can change it at any time during the game. But even in the pre-set second-easiest degree there are always scenes in which three well-armored Nazi robots attack the player who bites without any armor and perhaps with 20 percent of health without chances. If you set the simplest level, you are again progressing too easily and can hardly save yourself from ammunition and medical packs. Better coordination would be desirable here.
Preliminary ConclusionsIn the first six hours, we have already completed 60% of the missions on the PS4 Pro according to statistics. The solo campaign thus runs out to about ten hours of play. In higher grades of difficulty you can count one or two hours.
Compared to part 1, Wolfenstein 2 has been smoothed more by the flow of the game. However, this is at the expense of the playful change. Especially the sneaking comes too short in the first hours. Good and happy, the developers would have given some time for the balance to optimize the difficulty levels, opponent placement and the replenishment of ammunition and medicine.
The game has nevertheless entertained us nevertheless, because the action has some hair-raising phrases in stock and even after five to six hours still new guns and gadgets, which promise more playful variations. Apart from this, this is a technically very elaborate ego-shooter, which however does not quite reach the originality of the predecessor.
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus will be released on October 27 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. A switch output is to follow. Wolfenstein 2 is censored in Germany. For legal reasons all hooks were removed. However, content was not cut. The USK has classified the game as of 18 years.




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