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  Wing fights flare up again: Left Greens break distance to Robert Habeck – Politics | Bit Updates
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Wing fights flare up again: Left Greens break distance to Robert Habeck – Politics

Friday, December 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

A power option has moved far and away in the Greens after the end of a Jamaican coalition. Now the intra-party discussions focus on the occupation of the party leadership, which is to be elected in January. And promptly the wing battles flare up again. The Kiel Minister of the Environment Robert Habeck wants to follow Cem Özdemir. Habeck, vice-prime minister of a Jamaican coalition, can not be a member of the federal executive board at the same time according to the statute. Therefore he pleaded for a transitional period of one year. Partisans like the Berlin Green Party leader Antje Kapek reject this decisively – for several reasons. "I am in favor of a separation of ministerial and party office. And as a member of a red-red-green government in Berlin, I say that Robert Habeck, as a member of a Jamaican coalition in Schleswig-Holstein and additionally as a possible party leader, can not speak for the Greens, who govern or co-govern in different countries , This is a conflict of interest that is not resolvable. "A constitutional amendment categorically rejects itKapek also rejects a constitutional amendment that would allow Habeck to be party chairman and state environment minister for a transitional period. "I am fundamentally against a change in the statute and against a transitional period. Who says that Robert Habeck will actually return his ministerial post after that? "Habeck and the Realo-wing member of the Brandenburg parliament, Annalena Baerbock, emphasize that they would not engage in wing-thinking. Behind this argument, to want to put an end to the wing fights, but put a "false defense strategy. One wants a discourse shift and a clear political realignment of the Greens. The Realos want this for years, "says Kapek. From a shift in the green strategy in the direction of" green realpolitik à la Baden-Württemberg "would benefit only the Left Party. The Greens-partisan criticized for a long time, her party had made too many concessions to help Winfried Kretschmann in the now green-black ruled "Ländle" to success. Without their currents, the Greens would lose their identityKapek is not the only green from the left Party wings, which keeps the splitting into left green and Realos continue to be fruitful and productive. Without the two currents, the Greens would "lose their identity and their own green roots," says Kapek. "Representatives of the left-wing" such as Michael Kellner (Green Party CEO, Anm.d.Red) accept the staff proposals of Realos so commentary, disappointed and annoyed me I would have more However, apart from the politically pale part of the party, Simone Peter, no other candidate from this camp has reported yet, but that may well change: the left wing is currently searching feverishly after another candidate.


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