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What was. What will happen. Paradise is around the corner

Sunday, November 12th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

            We still miss the transsexual squirrel. But at least there is now officially a third sex in Germany as well.
                (Image: Elli Stattaus, in the public domain (Creative Commons CC0))
             Hard work is hard. And nothing else: nothing with Protestant ethics and so, the modern capitalism punishes Max Weber lies. But Hal Faber misses completely different things from this weird work ethic.


        As always, the newsreel of Hal Faber wants to sharpen the eye for the details: The Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a return and a preview.
What was.


*** There God and the world celebrates the 95 theses of the renegade monk Martin Luther, who was fed up with the financing practice of his church. Windy indulgences for all sorts of deeds should help to finally be able to build this St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Out came the Protestantism and with it a life attitude to hard work as best way in all humans paradise, after the life. Then another German came along and wrote a book about Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism. Spirit means the intellect and not the ghost that goes around Marx in Europe and wants to put an end to this capitalism. Max Weber wrote his most important book after touring the US and meeting Protestant sects of all kinds, Quakers, Baptists, and many others preaching that man finds his vocation at work. For Weber, Benjamin Franklin was the prototype of the typical early capitalist who revolves around money and described his constant calculations as a "philosophy of greed," not of the mind. Franklin, for example, told the Parisians how much candles they would save if they turned off their watches during the summer – and set in motion a debate that leads directly to our discussion of the meaning and nonsense of summer time.
*** And now that: Paradise Papers show just that hard work is hard but only that and the spirit of capitalism simply snooping for tax holes in Lochländer. The clever use of legal tax tricks is certainly a blessing for contemporary capitalism. And best of all, the paradises are above all in the here and now, in this world, on the Isle of Man, in Malta or even in the Netherlands. They are used by the Meininger hotels, by Bono, the singer or by the alleged heirs of Maurice Ravel. You just have to look for them, as did the Apple company, which makes the iPhone X hard-working. As lawyers at the law firm Appleby uninhibitedly inquired, where Apple can guarantee tax-free and transparent, without harassment by an opposition or by non-governmental organizations. Then there's this story with the logos and trademarks for which Nike has to pay so much royalties at Nike that the nice prize is gone, where royalty income does not have to be taxed. Since a little millionaire can still be so angry and sent good Lutheran rich in hell, the holes panties, "the asocial" (a protected report belonging to the research group Süddeutsche Zeitun behind the Paywall) bothers little, they make it easy ,
*** What remains for the man of the calloused fist, the Kittelträgerin in the supermarket? The handle to the lottery ticket and the handle to the home, but not the home as a utopia. A need for "anchoring in regional communities" should already be there at a time when people are yearning for more and more security, while the market researchers diagnose a sense of insecurity on the level of the 50s. The individualization and anonymization demands sacrifices and relieves citizens of their trust. Just think of the lack of mandatory labeling of the police or the algorithms. The big discomfort is there. A flood of guidebooks is trying to scare this away, with tips like taking more nature walks or changing sex online.
*** After all, there are now three of them, even if the transsexual pirate squirrel is painfully missing. For a "further gender under a uniform third name" the civil status law has now room, if the Bundestag decides this until December 2018. Against the right-wing hate speech on the hippie state, which has prescribed this apparently incomprehensible for ethnic German third parties and which is allegedly taken something, fits in response to the IT scene still Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto on the limited views. Monstrous promises, these multi-species assemblages, each one more pleasing than a gender choleric. Of course, there are also privacy advocates who cheer when the option is drawn, which allow the constitutional judges also as a constitutionally faithful solution: the Bundestag can completely renounce the assignment to the sexes and plunge algorithms into deep despair, which evaluate the data field Mr./Mrs.
What will werden.Die medical fair Medica starts tomorrow in Düsseldorf and therefore the Gematik has moved to counter the bad news on the health card. Because even there there is great discomfort. The KoCoBox MED + will be the first approved VPN connector, as well as the first card terminal ORGA 6141 online. At Compugroup Medical, it is the VPN access service that has gained approval for Bundesdruckerei to produce dental practice certificates. It is progressing with a project that has so far progressed little. Then there is this project in Jamaica, which wants to put a lot of money into an investment offensive of digitization in hospitals, one of the few points where the probes found funds with the probes. The only question left is whether, through the genius of Mister X, we can once again have a health minister of the format of Philip Rösler (Hainan Cihang Charity Foundation, China) or Daniel Bahr (Allianz Private Health Insurance, Berlin). After all, it is after all the probes and topics now to the staff debate, with impact from the Bavarian.
Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann is therefore set for some time and has received the nice additional title "refugee minister". So he has enough to do far from the bavarian quarrels and this party that wants to become nationwide CSU and experience its blue wonder. This can start the big farewell by Thomas de Maizière, who makes a matte impression these days. As the IT specialists, the Poliszei, the BSI and the Bundeswehr can respond to the cyber attacks with a Hackback, he wants to leave the next federal government. But the office and the annual congress of its federal criminals still call, because the police are in transition. It's about nothing less than the "cyber capability" of police and law enforcement, as speakers put it.


They can shoot and delete data at the BKA and the affiliated country offices, now the fast Cybern must be practiced. The appropriate barrier tape for cyberspace already exists, it will be used on the 34C3 in Leipzig and ensures order in the large hall of the Cybervolkskongresses, which is now also soon in the house. In the past, they only had cable clutter.
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