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What was. What will happen. Of cars, weaknesses and other -mates

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder. Stupidity, on the other hand, is not in the eye of the beholder, it is not relative.
                (Picture: Ms. Mahlzahn – the question remains unanswered whether a cat can claim the right to her own image.)
             After the election is before the election. And before the cheap solutions to social and political problems. For this reason, Hal Faber fears, the Bundestag is not a center for poilitic beauty but more for political stupidity.


        As always, Hal Faber 's week – long seminar wants to sharpen the eye for the details: The sun – per – day week – end is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both back and preview at the same time.
What was.


          Vision of Bill Gates, October 1995 (phantasied by the Wallet PC, then came the smartphone …)
    *** My face, that was a choice. Angela Merkel was the queen of the polls and came out as a beggar. The repeatedly assured assurance that no government can be formed without the CDU / CSU has been replaced by a great scramble and wrangling. More of that! Is it not wonderful that the Lower Saxony O-Mat starts on the enchanting north German lowlands and makes the choice easier for us? Although a bit short-term, but how else can one decide without the annoying election programs, which drive the Jamaicans to despair. Especially in Lower Saxony, the coalition plate is well filled and the mood is different. After all, the largest living Lower Saxony has just become chairman of the Russian oil company Rosneft, a good backstage joke on all Stamokap theories. Perhaps Schröder's behavior is also explained by the country's deep longing for oil. Alternatively, one can think about whether someone who once brought all the schools to the net was confused in the stupor of age by the talk of the data as the oil of the century. However, Rosneft's joy in the faithful boyfriend is great, and together, she is looking forward to this presidential election in Russia. It does not even need a Russet, because the opposition is known to be "criminal".
*** With the election it is in the Bundestag, the so-called "alternative for Germany". Still in the election night and the different rederunden one put themselves strongly into the stuff and told lies or at least alternative interpretations of the virtues of German soldiers, praised by the French Mitterand. The soldiery of these poor trunks is certainly not the last gluttony with which Gauland and Gaunossen use the attention pump while they twist our country and our rules in their nationalistic sense. There is no upper limit for provocations as long as they are successfully taken up. In this sense it belongs to their successes, if right from the left and right the Gaunossen is to be emulated. If, on the left hand, Oskar Lafontaine, on the left, is concerned with the refugee question and pushes a Gregor Gysi indirectly to the party's departure. And if the otherwise rather Saxon Saxon CDU Minister President Tillich wants to move further to the right – in Saxony, where the previous CDU trials were so successful against the AfD. The refugees are the most vulnerable in this society, which is more prosperous than ever. It seems that something like the Center for Political Beauty is more necessary than ever before, in the face of this political stupidity centered on German politics.
*** In the case of a report on the state of biometric research, the question arose as to whether children's biometrics could help alleviate the misuse of support for asylum seekers. This shows how quickly a well-intentioned technique, the right-hand ID documentation of newborns, could be abused. Whether the bi-directional UN directive is at all so meant, then the additional question, which was answered by Forum member Snoofy aptly: "The idea behind a birth certificate is that a state is not even fast the actual intention of this 'directive' is to protect minorities from the ultimate discrimination, because whoever is stateless can not even apply for asylum, so I find it more than reprehensible to explain early-biometric identification and highly-optimized facial scanners with reference to this UN directive. "
*** Uncomfortable citizens in Spain are the most dangerous confrontation that Europe currently has to offer. What the Spanish government wants to prevent with all its might might be to explode precisely the Europe that French President Macron has just sketched in his grand speech. In the middle of the tumult of the arguments for an autonomous Catalonia: Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Especially Assange is multilingual and writes about the outbreak of the first Internet war. The motives for this tremendous rise could lie in Assange's support for Baltasar Garzón, his most important legal adviser. One month ago he founded the Spanish platform Actúa, which is against the government, but also against Podemos. Now Spain is closely linked to Ecuador, the country in whose London embassy Assange has found a political asylum. This happened under Rafael Correra, who was now replaced by Lenin Moreno. Moreno complained promptly about Assange's inappropriate behavior, thereby undermining the conditions under which the "hacker" had asylum. Earlier, Assange had complained that Moreno was a "hacker" and not a politically persecuted person.
*** Imagine there is a summit and no one is looking right: at the EU digital summit in Tallinn, we should talk about the broadband expansion in Europe, the automatic filtering of network content and, above all, the uniform taxation of Internet groups , but GAFA was only interested in the participants. The Bitkom could send comments on the break signal, it was not interested. During the central speech of the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, the French superstar Macron whispered with his Italian neighbor, later they sat at the hotel bar and chatted. The only decision to want to have the "world's best Internet" in Europe by 2025 is cheap, all want it. Even the left in the shape of the new Bundestag delegate, Anke Domscheit-Berg, who is enthusiastic as a businesswoman from Sweden, needs glass fiber oil pipelines very urgently.
What will happen.
In vain, in the distance, in the distance, after lucky, whoever does not find it near!
Yes, the notebooks by Leonardo da Vinci are one of the most beautiful things the Western culture has to offer, but the sketchbooks of the da Vinci admirer Romano Scarpa are also part of this culture, not just Carl Barks and Floyd Gotfredson. His colossus, painted in 1962, which appeared in the first funny pocket-book 50 years ago, is a highlight of Western cultural history. Thus the tension rises, for in 10 days the Columbus butterfly returns, just before the World Cultural Event.


          From the IOCTA report of Europol, October 2017
    This little weekend ends with an illustration from the report on organized Cybercrime, which Europol publishes annually. We see two young men in the middle of puberty and two life drafts, one the socially respected expert on cybersecurity and once the embarrassed cybercriminals. The world is divided into good and evil, far from the immoral, unwashed reality. This has led the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to a remarkable opinion. After launching several new Microsoft products at the beginning of the week, he started his Europe tour for the book promotion of Hit Refresh (in German: F5) at the end of the week and gave himself thoughtful. What access should government authorities have on all the beautiful national cloud instances, e.g. with the German cloud on German soil exist? "If we put our main focus on privacy in this context, I think we as a company will regret this." This is how he looks, the new way forward.
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