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What was. What will happen. Of avenues and other men's fantasies.

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Maulwürfe are also ne certain form of gadget, or Q-creatures, or so …
              Gadgets. GADGETS. GADGETS !!! Ah, how dull, whines Hal Faber. Where is Q when you need it? There are also the silly sayings of cyber battlefields nothing: the secret services are also no longer what they were never.
            As always, Hal Faber 's week – long seminar wants to sharpen the eye for the details: The Sunday' s week – end is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both back and preview at the same time.
What was

            Asger John, Interplanetary Female

*** avenidasavenidas y flores
floresflores y mujeres
avenidasavenidas y mujeres
avenidas y flores y mujeres y un admirador
Can this wonderful love poem be overthrown by Eugen Gomringer, because it allegedly degrades women as objects in public space? But not at all. The wisdom of the masses in the Heise Forum reveals it: so a building has several sides and is thus predestined to restore the whole beauty of the concrete poetry, naturally with profound bowing to all readers who love poetry and passionately discuss.
Pubs.Kneipen and beers.
Beers and men.
Pubs.Kneipen and men.
Pubs and beers and men and a host.
*** We see: poems belong to the IT and the Heise readers like Q to 007. What I have already at the new center for snooping services (ZITIS), which appeared this week on the web and immediately a really apartes Job posting: "We are looking for Q, not 007. Do you link the creativity of a Q, which James Bond is successful with, a basic understanding of public institutions?" The creativity of a Q or a Gomringer with an understanding of authorities such as the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Police and the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection bring something together. In my old-fashioned film-like concept, the "creativity of a Q" in Bundestrojaner would be a watch worn by Bond while he casually cracked the password of a computer belonging to a villain. Once the calculator is unlocked, the watch stores the hard disk in the bracelet using a Bond link, while an additional running search copies the (mail) addresses of beautiful villains directly to Bonds's calendar so that he can examine them vo, uh, ethnically. Mujeres y un admirador, knowledge.
*** So much for Q. But what is actually this "basic understanding for public institutions"? Anyone who is reading this exchange of information on the accreditation of journalists at the G20 summit will get the impression that the institution Bundeskriminalamt has a mess from a database in which everything is stored. All these are individual cases, but several thousand, caused by the right of danger, according to which the data of non-convicted persons can also be found in police records. There are also well-meant FAQ-answers about compoundedness nothing, if "only with proven innocence" is deleted. "If there is still any doubt, the entry may remain." 10 yearslang. Collecting in time, then you are in need, could be the motto of the BKA.
*** There is also a need for explanation in face recognition. After the Blukii excitement in the last week the question arises, what the specialists of the Federal Criminal Police Office understand so under the "no spy clause" of the strictly secret software contracts concluded with the suppliers of the recognition software. The official statement is intended to scare away fears, but could be a Q: "This should ensure the virus-freeness of software and the exclusion of unwanted functions, which compromise the integrity, confidentiality and availability of software, hardware or data." For a federal government that wants to crush the confidentiality of software with CITIS and many Qs, this clause is remarkable, not only because of the contractually guaranteed virus-freeness. This is about quality software with quality labels like Made in the USA or Made in Germany. The evil are finally somewhere else, as usual in Russia, where this FindFace comes from a company that develops the facial recognition system of the Moscow police.
*** Is there software that predicts with great reliability, where the next burglary will take place? The first scientific study on Predictive Policing with the Precool software is out there and it is not very positive. The criminologist Dominik Gerstner thinks that predictive policing works only in urban areas, if at all. On the flat land the use of the software must be "critical". While police experts saw Precobs as a useful addition to the deployment planning and the "higher management level" the software is miraculous, the opinions of the software sent by the software far apart: For the policemen on patrol, Precobs leads simply to the additional load and the change of the daily work routines. But still all studies are beginning. On the software side, the counter-test sequences, with the planning software of the burglar bands, the rich residential areas with close highway connection.
*** "You have the right to refuse the statement, to be silent and to consult a lawyer." This sentence, which is often smeared mechanically in movies as "by a computer", is in the US as a Miranda statement in the legal books. In the case of the whistleblower, Reality Winner, who was disappointed by a printer and a journalist, Miranda was forgotten about the problem of using her testimony in court. The case is of great importance for future whistle blowers. The question is in the area which protection whistleblowers can expect during Trump's reign. Here is the fact that the already mentioned Republican politician Rohrabacher Trump wants to propose a bizarre deal: If Trump Julian Assange pre-eminently wants to prove that "the Russians" had nothing to do with the leaks that influence the US election campaign. With the pardon, Trump would also be able to demonstrate his contempt for the services while Caesar's madness would be further increased by Assange, until the arrest was due to the violation of residence regulations, imposed by British courts. So it goes up until it is no longer possible.
What will happen.
It is also going upwards with the consumption, it is spit again vigorously into the hands. All the beautiful robots manufactured at the IFA. Gadgets over gadgets as far as the eye can see. And then that shining in the eyes of the journalists, when they write enthusiastically about the zigzillion idea to hang the refrigerator on the Internet or to break the nature a smart garden. In a small area, one can study the crisis of technology journalism in the beautiful city of Berlin, which is no longer able to explain connections. Better try the next gadget! Or throw a gloomy look at the evil algoricative to which we are all subject. There is enough to be done by Wednesday.
When it has turned out in Berlin, the sparks fly elsewhere. Nobody else than the equipment of the Bundeswehr invite to an IT conference on the cyber fight in new territory. Oops, that is different, namely "the new digital battlefield". The cyberspace as a battlefield of the future must be defended, with all teeth and claws and mice. The squad must be on Zack, the cyber roll as a digital barb wire must have every soldier in the march luggage, always ready to show the opponent the cyclic limit.

            Nam June Paik, goal

Anyone who does not want to take part in the nonsense of the cyberwar and its cyber alliance events can show the fundamental rights in the demonstration next weekend. What should not only go in Berlin. For all that mentioned here, the cyberwar, the predictive policing, the facial recognition and the creation of large data collections are an attack on these rights, presented by politicians nicely packaged in the name of security. But who says of the politicians who are responsible for the monitoring, such truths: "We, ladies and gentlemen, omit it from now on to monitor you, save your phone calls and the course of your search engines To control and master them. "
Merkel.Merkel and Schulz.Merkel and Schulz and a moderator and a presenter and a moderator and a moderator.
Wake up?




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