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What was. What will happen. From waddling and wobbling to election days

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    "What kind of pigs would you like to have?" The not so cheerful rate of the values ​​of science and technology would perhaps lead more than "second thoughts" to answer "What are we, and what do we want to do with all the technology?"
                (Image: Gerhard Gellinger, Public Domain (license Creative Commons CC0))
              "Natural science, as well as the technologies it derives, are not value-free." A wise sentence of Joe Weizenbaum. This should be written to all the politicians in the tribal book, which in the election campaign so free of the digitization fasting.
            As always, Hal Faber 's week – long seminar wants to sharpen the eye for the details: The Sunday' s week – end is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both back and preview at the same time.
What was.

            Quantitative section of research at the Weizenbaum-Institut. I would like to comment.

*** Is there anything more ingratitude than writing a short week-end, which appears in a day when the choices of the O-Mates are totalized? If all parties wanting to "promote" the "middle class" form another big-minded coalition, so that even more parcels, delivery docks and pick-up stations can push the parcelization of Germany? If the success story of the German passenger car tolls is reintroduced in Denmark? If the anticipation that the right-radical "alternative for Germany" is already being dismantled itself is finally replaced by the live transmission of the decomposition? Even greater is the joy of seeing this defensive democracy, which everyone is talking about. I have my doubts, just like the unicorns.
*** Well, there are other things to do, the week knew yes, something else than reading in the guts of Apple. Thus, on the eve of a small, local nuclear war, one could follow the ping-pong of the words between the Rocket Man Kim Jong-Un and the Dotard Donald Trump, expanding his vocabulary: the war is the father of all things including the words for these and so I am glad about the distinguished "senescence", which is offered to me as a German translation. Whether Dotard has a Korean correspondence is unfortunately (still) not known, because Naenara for the time being does not offer a German translation of the replica of the supreme leader on Trumps threat. Of course, the question arises as to how a successful senescence might look. Perhaps it does not exist at all, but only the lie of good old age? And the loudspeakers are always loud.
*** This week, Wikileaks has started publishing Russian documents. For Russian connoisseurs like Andrei Soldatov, who was also offered these documents, they contain nothing new. Soldatov revealed the KGB activities at the Olympic Games in Sotchi and is considered an expert in domestic FSB. Together with the Canadian Ciitizen Labs, he published details on the Russian SORM, the "operational safety system". He also revealed with Privacy International details about the company Peter-Service, the company, which has now targeted Wikileaks. Unfortunately, his article "Spionage 2.0", which appeared in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, is not available online. In it he explains the self-understanding of the Russian IT specialist, and especially the extremely nationalist presentation of the development manager of Peter-Service, Valery Syssik. Since 1913 Russia fights against the "Angels" after the films of Syssik. According to a statement by Tsar Alexander III, there were only two allies, the army and the fleet. Now telecoms is the latest allies in the fight against the brainwashing of Facebook, Google, Skype and Apple. "Remember who they build their networks for," the appeal to the IT leaders to protect Mothers Russia in the digital space ends. Kinsky, Kinsky. Who chops the German elections again? Who is at the forefront with the Falschmeldungen on Facebook?
They are dead and can not resist. After the Einstein Center Digital Future with "50 Digitization Profiles", the Weizenbaum Institute for Networked Society a.k.a. German Internet Institute celebrated its founding. The so-called digital professorships such as Gesche Joost, Jeanette Hofmann and Thomas Schildhauer are part of Einstein and Weizenbaum and are looking to investigate current societal changes that are associated with digitization. Of course, interdisciplinary, among them, nobody is doing science today. Professor is just a job, third and fourth search. The "overarching" question, which the institute wants to answer in all seriousness: "How can the goals of individual and social self-determination be realized in a world characterized by digitally mediated processes of transformation and delinquency and the framework conditions and resources necessary for their realization ? "
*** Against the weakened German of the Weizenbaum Institute, I put the sentence from the last great text of Joseph Weizenbaum "What I believe at the end of my life": "Natural science, as well as the technologies and instruments derived from it, are not They inherit their values ​​from the values ​​of the societies in which they are embedded In a highly militarized society, science and technology are characterized by the values ​​of the military, in a society whose values ​​are derived mainly from the pursuit of wealth and power, they are designed accordingly, etc. " Sounds simple, but this also applies to our society with a fat AfD share in a world characterized by digitally mediated processes of transformation and delusion. Unique possibilities for pioneers and designers are available elsewhere, in the case of the delinquency process specialists.
*** Oh, and there was then still beside all the excitement, the Deutsche Telekom another description. Unfortunately, she is not yet online, the story of "Das große kleine Glück" from the SZ magazine, this time a "men's book". The little story is about a telecommunication trader of the German Telekom, who worked for 40 years in his place, without ascent, but as an official always satisfied with his work-life balance. He is described by his daughter, who will accompany him for the first time on his tour: "We drove to distribution boxes and switchboards, then we set up the internet for a woman with five cats." Now the always satisfied IT-Papa as a "one-man-Winnig-Team" ceases, there is a succession program of the Telekom, the officials replaced by more easily terminated employees. With Papa's retirement the idea of ​​a life work retires. So change the values ​​in a society and we deal with them.
What will happen.
The next week will be devoted to the "digital cultures" that the Gesellschaft für Informatik in Chemnitz is researching. There is talk of digitization as the "main motor of social change", not of the continuing optimization of information processes or of this platform economy, of which everyone is enthusiastic. In addition, the keynote of Richard Stallman, which can explain the idea of ​​the four freedoms on the day of computer science. Finally his humor with questions about the Windows subsystem for Linux as free software was put to the test. Just as the text fails, one must assume that it is based on an e-mail interview. In "real life", Stallman is really scratchy on such questions. Saint Ignacius of the church Emacs is one of these uncomfortable saints.
Where digital culture is waging and luring, security is an important issue. Accordingly, man must have something like toothbrush and toothpaste in his digital culture bag. Thus begins the long weekend with Einheitsbrückentag the 5th European month for Cybersicherheit, at the

            The title of the edition of Leuwenhoek's Letters, dated 1696. The scientist, dressed in the eye of the divine eye, is wearing a microscope (or is it an iPhone X?) To scientifically decipher the truth. In the foreground, the naked truth (with the sun of the Enlightenment), which falsifies with its serpent head.

Ireland and Scotland, but England certainly does not. According to the interpretation that you have never felt at home in the EU, that is consistent. In 2020 we will see the Brexit. As we shall choose in 2021, we already know. Even if the drummer played with time machine and copier. The man has a lot to do, despite the active help of the CCC, but it is advisable for future elections that future federal election leaders get a subscription to the c't. In four or maybe five years, this will be profitable. Looking into the future has always been a technical one.




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What was. What will happe

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