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What was. On Disruptive Innovations and Other Attempts

Sunday, February 11th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    Oh. Since the disruption but seems to have gone badly wrong.
                (Image: Niek Verlaan, in the public domain (Creative Commons CC0)
             Finally! For decades, SF writers have summoned the flying car, now it's here! Unfortunately, it parks a bit further away, regrets Hal Faber. Disruption, yes, sometimes it goes its own way. You also notice at the SPD. But not in GroKo.


        As always, the newsreel of Hal Faber wants to sharpen the eye for the details: The Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a return and a preview.
What was. *** That I may experience this! Felt 100 years or beaten 7577 lines in the new coalition agreement of CDU / CSU and the Social Democratic parody of Germany, it took until this passage could come into the world: "To ensure technological innovation leadership, we are under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Federal Ministry of the Interior set up an 'Agency for Disruptive Innovations in Cybersecurity and Key Technologies' (ADIC) and an IT Security Fund to protect key security-related technologies.'


In the last coalition agreement, the previous government, which still leads the business, raved about Germany's "digital sovereignty" without giving any indication as to how this digital sovereignty can be defined and who should ensure it. Meanwhile, China invested silently in Kuka, while the last German network hardware supplier Lancom remained a German company only through an investment by Rohde & Schwarz. Now it's out: ADIC is rocking the thing, an agency for disruptive innovations in cyber cyber cyber. Side by side with ZITIS and GTAZ plus Germany is thus defended at Digikusch.
*** Well, loyal Heise readers of course know what such a disruptive innovation is, which is happily explained with the transition from horse to car. By 1910, 10,000 dead horses had to be removed from the streets of New York City every year, and so the job of the horse-laying road walker went into crisis when the car gained the upper hand. In addition, the racing team owner John Daniel Hertz had his taxis painted yellow when he got into the taxi business on a large scale. Allegedly, horses shy of the color yellow, which they can see well and thus avoided the expensive taxis, which in the short term even extended the job of Pferdeleichenwegschaffers: Disruptive innovations are just a tricky thing.
*** Speaking of cars. Even the great Henry Ford predicted in 1928 that one day cars would be able to fly. In 1956, the Aerocar came out of Moulton Taylor, but did not sell very well. But flying cars in the big works of the "hard science fiction" of the 60s were soon the standard, followed by the Moller Skycar. He did not sell at all. Here the disruptive innovation of technological evolution had to help and pardauz, we made it! Since last week we have the flying car! It just parks somewhere else. This could have happened to a future federal agency for key technologies under the chairmanship of the well-known general-purpose disruptor and Internet ambassador, Gesche Joost.
*** Back to the great ADIC. Security-relevant key technologies are those that "provide more security in cyberspace" and those that "modern, digital administration" brings to the city. It will be a tough fight, but hey, the victory is in sight (line 1988): "We will better protect key security technologies from a sell-out or takeover and complement national and European foreign trade instruments." That's an announcement to these foreigners. Stay away from the electronic identity card, because it "becomes a universal, secure and mobile usable authentication medium". Then everything slips smoothly as in the application for information from the central commercial register. Several times this small newsreel has reported on the new authority ZITiS, which is not mentioned in the coalition agreement, but to explore means and ways to make "crypted communication" readable again. Is there an all-clear? Whoever introduced this passage, she or he had the sense of humor to put the issue of identification on the agenda according to the nPA authentication medium: "We want to make simple and secure solutions for electronic identification and end-to-end encryption available to everyone and enable citizens to communicate encrypted with the administration via common standards (PGP / SMIME). " Bye De-Mail, was nice with you.
*** It started with a murder: "The crime is meticulously planned these days, the other is said to stumble without a shock being visible, to hit the ground, seemingly without any external influence, if no twitching of the facial features is more recognizable, Schulz wants to determine the death of his friend from Goslar first and then complain ", wrote the German Edelfeder Gabor Steingart on Wednesday about Martin Schulz. On Thursday, just this "friend from Goslar", Siggy "Pop" Gabriel, skilfully, always following the old wisdom "Kindermund does something known, what nobody kummt prove us". The former "Pop Culture and Pop Discourse Officer of the SPD" had a 6 – year – old daughter ready to say, "You do not have to be sad, dad, now you have more time with us, that 's better than the man with the Hair on the face. " This is meant to refer to Martin Schulz and not to Karl Marx, August Bebel, Karl Kautsky and Eduard Bernstein, whose portraits hang in the parlor of every Social Democrat.
*** At this point, I also pledge guilty to attacking Martin Schulz on his initiative for a Digital Rights Charter. When, at the Schirrmacher Symposium, he said a few curious thoughts about the duty of government agencies and information services to tackle bullying and digital hate speech. This later became the controversial network enforcement law. Now it has brought this charter as an independent Schulz contribution into the future coalition agreement, if it says from line 2230: "In order to ensure the protection of fundamental rights in the digital age, the Federal Government accompanies the project of a European Digital Charter of Fundamental Rights and risks of digitization are brought to a fair balance. " Whatever the opportunities and risks can be compensated justly, this will probably remain an unfulfilled promise, when Martin Schulz and Sigmar Gabriel Seit von Seit stride from the stage. Until the next election, the "tanker" has time for a disruptive innovation or for a final trip as a death ship. Where – for the rest of the potential Groko that is probably true. And for some others too.
*** Eugen Gomringer would enjoy this poem for the new home and interior minister Horst Seehofer. Home and interior and building and a refuge that wants to polish everything up again: the home, the building and the interior. Under Seehofer, the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology is to be expanded, but not released into independence. One last real de Maizière blows through the coalition agreement when it says: "The security agencies need equivalent powers in dealing with the Internet as they do on the Internet." In particular, it may allow the powers of the police to interfere with the secrecy of telecommunications Population does not make any difference whether users are using traditional telephony or classic text messaging, or switching to Internet-based messaging services. " Signal, Threema or Telegram, here comes the promised end-to-end encryption to the borders of our beautiful home, even if the Ministry of Justice is there to help with encryption and decryption. There's a Horstic knot that's about to be smashed. With it: the comprehensive development of the protection of the constitution with operational technology to the listening against all the Vermummschlüsseler. "Due to the constant technical progress and the associated human and financial resource use, the BfV should be strengthened as a central service point for the use of operative technology in the network."
What will happen.



An inconspicuous book will be published next wednesday. We are not just here for the fun of Deniz Yücel. On this day a year ago, the German-Turkish journalist of the world was arrested in Istanbul on charges of terrorist propaganda and sedition. For a year he has been in custody, an indictment is coming, even German foreign ministers have no time to ask their daughter what to do with this man with the hair in his face. So Deniz sits down and writes with a fork and canned sauce or with a pen in the "Little Prince". Everyone encourages him to write down what he is experiencing, according to the great phrase "you are responsible for your rose". No politician's daughter, politician's sister or politician said his dog, but a fox. "I'm responsible for my rose," repeated the little prince, to memorize this too.
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