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Weekly Review Replay: Creators update, free WLAN and quite a lot Krack

Saturday, October 21st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             The attack on WPA2 encryption was the dominant topic last week – and then there was the new Windows Creators update.


        The attack on WPA2 encryption has shaped the reporting of the past days. Our first assessment of the threat is the most read news of the week, but also the other contributions to the topic have met with great interest – and was also discussed in the forum much. User Crass Spektakel is glad that "boring LAN cable is immune to such and many attacks".
Windows and WLAN



Read also the KRACK attack:

Microsoft has given us the case Creators Update last week, which is expected to have met with great response – contrary to popular opinion, not every reader of heise online is a versed command line jockey that compiles its kernel itself. Nevertheless, the existential question of whether unity or gnome is to be preferred is also debated here
It is not without irony that shortly after the new regulation of the interfering has entered into force and thereby the operators of open WLANs real relief, this key reinstallation attack attacks the WLAN standard encryption. The analysis of the new legal situation of Heise-Justiziar Joerg Heidrich belonged to the three most read messages of the week.
What else was two years after the first proof of gravitational waves, researchers have succeeded in observing a source of such deformations of space-time in visible light and other electromagnetic radiation – a new age of astronomy is already being mentioned. In space, the abandoned Chinese space station Tiangong 1 is also heading towards the earth.
Adobe reinvents Lightroom. The completely revised tool is discussed intensively in the forum. If you do not want to follow Adobe into the new age, you can comfort yourself with a classic version. Lightroom has a future, Windows 10 Mobile probably no: Microsoft has after a long silence finally finally position-related – "Mr. Windows Phone" hochselbst has conceded that Windows Mobile stands on the siding. What a pity.


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