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  WDH 2 / ROUNDUP: At least 8 people killed in terrorism in New York on Halloween | News | Bit Updates
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WDH 2 / ROUNDUP: At least 8 people killed in terrorism in New York on Halloween | News

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

(further editors removed) NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – At least eight people have been killed in a terrorist attack with a pick-up truck in New York. A 29-year-old man drove a rented pick-up truck on a pedestrian and bicycle path in southwest Manhattan and hit or rammed several people, the New York Police Department (NYPD) and Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday. Twelve people were injured. "This is a painful day for our city," de Blasio said. "A terrible tragedy on the Westside." It is a "act of terrorism" the cowardly way. Police chief James O'Neill spoke of a "tragedy of the greatest extent." The incident occurred in southwest Manhattan. At the height of West Houston Street, the 29-year-old drove onto a pedestrian and bicycle lane with a white pick-up truck hired by a do-it-yourself store and stayed there for around 20 blocks. At the height of Chambers Street, just outside a high school near the World Trade Center, the truck collided with a school bus and came to a halt. The driver got out of the car and held up two weapons, which turned out to be non-dangerous in hindsight. A police officer shot the man in the stomach, he was arrested and taken to a hospital. It was looking for anyone no longer, it was a single offender, said the authorities. The man was not from New York, it said, but details of his identity were initially not disclosed for investigative reasons. The street block on Chambers Street was shut off, police and fire service were on site, helicopters circled over the area. Dozens of high school students and onlookers stood by the barriers. Thousands of vehicles jammed on the streets. Because of the Halloween festival, there were significantly more people on the streets than usual. "I heard shots and then it smelled like it," says John Williams, who was close by with his skateboard on the way to the incident a skating park was. "Two women with children ran to me, someone shouted:" He has a gun. "" He had gone first, but then moved back to the scene of the incident, said the 22-year-old German press agency. "I saw a man lying face down, it looked like he was shot, another man was just arrested." Ezequiel Gonzalez was across the street when the incident happened. "I heard sounds, it sounded like a car," said the 18-year-old. "Then I saw people reacting, there was a lot of confusion, nobody knew what was going on, the front of the car was dented, there was rubble and garbage everywhere." The White House said US President Donald Trump was aware of the incident been informed and will be kept up to date. "Our thoughts and prayers are with all concerned." Trump also announced via Twitter to word: "It looks like another attack of a very sick and disturbed person," wrote Trump. The investigators worked up the event. "NOT IN THE USA!", Trump ended his first reaction in capital letters. Should the assessment of the security authorities be confirmed, this would be the first terrorist attack in President Trump's term. The Republican has vehemently campaigned for a tightening of immigration policy in the US, stating that he considers the terrorist threat to the US to be very concrete. So he wanted to introduce an entry ban for people from predominantly Muslim countries, but failed so before courts. Despite all the sharp rhetoric, extremist motivated attacks in the US are comparatively rare. / Cah/DP/he


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