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War against the Kurds in Syria: Turkish Invasion in Afrin – Politics

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

After all the massacres, interventions of almost all the powers in the Middle East, the US, Russia, the rise and decay of the "Islamic State" (IS) threatens again in Syria a turn – in the last of the war halfway spared patches of land: in multiethnic Afrin, a canton in the Syrian northwest. On Saturday, the Turkish attack on Afrin was accompanied by Ankara Air Force. Aircraft flew over the majority Kurdish region. While Ankara's head of state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced to supporters of his Islamic AKP the ground offensive called "Operation Olive Branch." Encircled by enemies in Afrin On Friday he had shelled the small area with guns: Afrin is almost enslaved by Islamists, pro-Turk militias and the country's border. Since the outbreak of war there has been a coalition of secular Kurds, oriental Christians, Arab Muslims under the leadership of the socialist PYD. It is considered a sister organization of the Kurdish Workers' Party PKK – the archenemy Ankaras.Afrin belongs to Rojava, that zone on the Turkish border, which declared itself autonomous in 2016. Since then, there have been battles with other oppositionists and soldiers of the Syrian ruler Bashar al Assad, but more often with minions of the IS. With Ankara's help, Libyan militias, Turkmen tribes, and the Islamic wing of the Free Syrian Army are now coming to Afrin. How many dead people were on the weekend is unclear. So far, the Americans have been part of the Rojava coalition, if only because the Kurds fought most against the IS. Russia tolerated the Kurdish project. This bothered Erdogan in the north, the Syrian Islamists in the south, and later Assad in Damascus. The West Likes Secular? Apparently not. If a secular, multiethnic coalition wants to stay out of civil war and defend a zone of autonomy through skillful alliance policy, then one would think that in the West that would be appreciated. Apparently not. The federal government, the leaders of the European Union even the US leadership have not responded to the intensification of the Turkish attacks on the Syrian Afrin. After all, the US had previously stated, mutatis mutandis, they reject the military action Ankara. Although informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, for now there are grenade bombardment by Turkish troops and allied militias. No tanks rolled yet, but Ankara drove hundreds at the border. And from Damascus it was half-hearted that an attack was considered an act of aggression against Syria's sovereignty. But Erdogan became clear on Saturday: After the Afrin offensive he will let Manbij attack. The Rojava Coalition and its YPG units also rule there. Above all, the US had upgraded YPG in the fight against the "Islamic State." It now seems that Syria's left-wing Kurds are being dropped by the West just as Iraq's more conservative Kurds have been a few months ago. In the fight against tyrants and clericals to rely on the democracies in the West? Better not. The top YPG stated that the Turkish army will not be able to win. After all, more than a million Syrians live in Afrin. In addition, it is unclear whether the US will not be able to correct Erdogan. And: Erdogan also risks a Kurdish uprising in his own state. Nearly 30 million Kurds live in four countries in the Middle East. Europe-wide, left-wing Kurds demonstrated against the Turkish attack on Saturday.

Turkish soldiers have already occupied northern SyriaTurkish soldiers have been operating in Syria for years. Ankara has a de facto occupation zone east of Afrin. There, Turkish is already being taught in schools, Erdogan paintings adorn buildings. From a Kurdish point of view, the attack on Afrin is Erdogan's last chance to stay in Syria in the long term. From the south, Assad's troops approach. They soon control the region around Idlib, the last stronghold of the insurgents. In order for the attack on Afrin not to lead to a war between Assad and Russia on the one side and Turkey on the other side, the head of Ankara's secret service is said to have auditioned in Moscow a few days ago, according to Turkish media. On Saturday night, it was said that Russia was withdrawing its soldiers from Afrin.Turkish soldiers are not only active in Syria.Tspund the federal government? Recently it was said that Turkey should again be supported by Rheinmetall weapons technology. Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had not met in vain with his counterpart Mevlüt Cavusoglu. For the protests of these days in Germany is also significant that the PKK is still being pursued as sharply in any EU country as in this country. After the refugee deal with Erdogan, the PKK ban in Germany was extended to symbols of the Syrian-Kurdish PYD.


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