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Voice assistant: first contact with Onkyo's "BlueGenie"

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Photo: heise online / Nico Jurran)
             At the MWC, Onkyo will be showcasing a prototype of its own language assistance system, which will later overshadow Google Assistant & Co.


        At the MWC booth of the Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH, the first line will feature a networked loudspeaker from Onkyo with integrated voice assistant Google Assistant. But only a few meters behind the company presents a smart speaker, in which the prototype of its own digital assistance system is inserted: "BlueGenie" will run the Assistant of the Internet giant in the coming year, first in Japan, later in the rest of the world.
Onkyo's assistant already has one thing ahead of its rival products: Here you can switch between three voices – two female ("Lucy" and "Cynthia") and one male ("George"). However, currently none of them sounds really pleasant, especially the male version reminded us of the computer voices from times past. If you want to get an impression of yourself, you should look at the following video.


    If you have problems playing the video, please enable JavaScript


            Onykos voice assistant BlueGenie
        Even the intention to offer more than Google, currently seems quite ambitious. Especially as a knowledge base, BlueGenie did not shine well in our MWC short test: When asked who the US president is, the language assistant merely provided a definition of the office.
According to Onkyo, BlueGenie will later use its cloud service via Wi-Fi or mobile data depending on the field of application. The latter is intended, among other things, for use in the car, where vehicle functions can also be controlled via the voice assistance system.
Smart collarThe company also shows the prototype of a wearable that could perhaps be described as a kind of "smart collar". It is worn around the neck, activates itself automatically and combines different technologies to create "a true smart hands-free kit" according to the manufacturer.
The device is intended to perfectly compensate for ambient noise such as traffic noise. But we could not try it out, the exhibit was without any function.




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