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Virtual reality in research on the advance

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Virtual reality in research on the advance



          28.08.2017 09:35 UhrLisa Forster, dpa



          Virtual reality in research on the advance




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              Life is increasingly taking place in virtual reality. But not only computer players, but also research and industry, are benefiting from a technology that could become increasingly important in the future.
            The fear sweat is real. Actually, Moritz Kuhn is just standing safely in a cellar in Immenstadt in the Allgäu. But when the 20-year-old looks forward, he looks into the precipice of a high-rise building at a height of 160 meters – because he is wearing a VR glasses. Moritz is noticeably afraid to fall down – he sees only one simulation.
About 30 per cent of visitors do not dare to take a step to the edge, says Christian Bendlin. Since March, the IT consultant in Immenstadt has been running a virtual reality experience. Moritz jumps in the end. "I was really shaky," he says.
Niche before the breakthrough?
Since last year, new and affordable virtual reality glasses came onto the market, a possible breakthrough of virtual reality in the gaming industry is speculated. And it is not only the entertainment industry, but also research and industry.
In game rooms like in Immenstadt, players have only to put on one pair of glasses, and they already see film shots or animated pictures that surround them in 360 degrees. Own actions have an influence on the environment through sensors on the walls. This effect is supported by two controllers that hold people in their hands. Then they can secure themselves with a rope on a climbing route on Mount Everest.
Still, the virtual reality in the entertainment industry is just a niche. According to Michael Guthe of the University of Bayreuth, about two million virtual reality headsets were sold worldwide by May. "With about 60 million sold Playstation 4 consoles, this is a small number," he says. "The real boom will surely come in the next few years, if the technology is still somewhat better and above all the price is lower."
Tool for medicine
This will also benefit from very different areas – such as psychology. Andreas Mühlberger from the University of Regensburg has been researching Virtual Reality for around 20 years. Above all, the technique is effective in anxiety therapy. "Spiders, heights, flying: It's going to be relatively good, because virtual reality is creating," he explains. "Even in the simulation, anxiety networks can be changed and a phobia can be cured." The success rates are therefore as high as in a therapy in a real environment.



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