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  US Security Strategy: Trump Declares Russia and China to be "Rivaling Powers" – Politics | Bit Updates
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US Security Strategy: Trump Declares Russia and China to be "Rivaling Powers" – Politics

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

In a speech on his national security strategy, US President Donald Trump has placed a strong focus on his nationalist policy and branded Russia and China as competitors of the US. Both states are "rivaling powers" who questioned US influence, Trump said Monday in a Washington speech. They would try to undermine US "security and prosperity". However, Trump also emphasized that he wanted to build "great partnerships" with both countries if this was in the interests of America. Contrary to the sharp tone of the text version of the security strategy, Trump once again praised the good cooperation between the US intelligence services and Russia on a cathedral in Saint Petersburg and "thousands of deaths" were prevented. The Russian authorities have been able to arrest suspected terrorists without causing deaths, Trump said in his speech. "That's how it should work." According to the Kremlin, the CIA, the US foreign intelligence service, provided information to the Russian FSB service that would have "detoxified, prosecuted and arrested the criminals." 68-page strategyThe 68-page text of the National Security Strategy drafted by its key staff on the other hand, it is very sharply worded: "Russia is trying to weaken US influence in the world and to separate us from our allies and partners," it says. Russian nuclear weapons are also "the most significant existential threat to the United States." China is accused in the document of wanting to "oust" the US from Asia. "Contrary to our hopes, China has expanded its power at the expense of the sovereignty of others," it said, referring to data theft, trade deficits, and "features of its authoritarian system." Trump described in the speech a competitive world order. "Whether we like it or not, we are in a new era of competition," he said. Throughout the world there are intense military, economic and political conflicts. His new strategy recognizes that. It is noteworthy that Russia is described in the paper much more critically than Trump itself does. Moscow is trying to undermine the legitimacy of democracies, it says about. Other passages also target the alleged Russian influence on the US presidential election last year. Trump has repeatedly questioned this in the past. List of achievements

Overall, Trump's approach is based on four pillars: the protection of the US homeland, the promotion of American prosperity and economic security, peacekeeping through military strength, and an increase in American influence in the world. In the approximately 30-minute speech Trump described his election victory as a turning point and calculated with the policies of previous governments from. For many years, people in the country would have had to watch as politicians in Washington disappointed one another, he said. "The American people have rejected the mistakes of the past." As his successes, the President listed that the US had withdrawn from the TPP Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement and from the Paris climate treaty. He also outlined otherwise well-known positions such as his demands for a wall on the border with Mexico or a strengthening of the military. Trump also used the speech again to praise the economic successes and the heights on the stock market – something that did not begin with the change of government in Washington. US Presidents are required by law to present their security strategy at intervals. According to information from the White House, Trump was deeply involved in the drafting of the document. (dpa, AFP)


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