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  US President Spreads Anti-Muslim Video of British Right-Wing Extremists: May Criticizes Trump – Politics | Bit Updates
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US President Spreads Anti-Muslim Video of British Right-Wing Extremists: May Criticizes Trump – Politics

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The fact that Donald Trump surfs through the internet especially in the morning hours and lets the nation know via Twitter what he finds so much, many Americans have become accustomed by now. But on Wednesday Trump went in the opinion of many too far and spread on his Twitter account three anti-Muslim videos of British right-wing extremists. American Muslim associations now accuse the president of incitement to violence. Not for the first time, the 71-year-old suspects right-wing sympathies. In the summer, he discovered some "fine people" among the participants in a right-wing extremist march in the city of Charlottesville – although in Charlottesville a counter-demonstration was killed by a suspected neo-Nazi. Trump did not consider a verification of authenticity. On Wednesday Trump sent three videos of the British right-wing extremist Jayda fringes the 44 million subscribers to his Twitter messages. In the first clip, an alleged Muslim teenager beat up a Dutch boy on crutches. In the second film, a man with an Islamic beard and a nimble smashes a Madonna statue, and in the third film, fringes show an "Islamist mob" bumping a boy from the roof of a house. The President of the United States apparently checked the videos not necessary. Many observers noted that at least the video with the boy on crutches shows a dispute between two non-Muslim adolescents. Ironically, Trump, who often and likes to complain about "fake news", so apparently even fake videos in the world set. The ex-chief of the Ku Klux clan cheers Maybe Trump had the crutches video in the Twitter messages of the right-wing conservative commentator Seen Ann Coulter, who had spread the clip on Tuesday. In any case, right-wing extremist Fransen was very proud that the US President has forwarded her videos to more than 40 million people. In the US, the former leader of the racist Ku Klux clan, David Duke, cheered, "That's why we love him!", Duke wrote about Trump on Twitter. British Prime Minister Theresa May said Trump's distribution of the videos was "wrong "Because Fransen's group" Britain First "spread hate slogans and lies. Many US observers and politicians were horrified by the fact that their leader spreads right-wing extremist propaganda videos. Former US intelligence coordinator James Clapper told news channel CNN that the distribution of the video was "bizarre and disturbing". Allies of the United States would now even question the "judgment" of the President. In addition, Trump could have motivated militant right-wing extremists to "anti-Muslim violence." Trump allegedly wanted to point out the need for secure bordersThe fear of the representatives of the approximately three million Muslims in the United States. Trump tells his followers that they should hate Islam and Muslims, ranted Nihad Awad, head of the Muslim umbrella organization Cair. What Trump did was "incitement to violence against American Muslims." The White House said Trump had just wanted to draw attention to the need for safer borders. Whether the videos are real or not does nothing to the point from the government's point of view.


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