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US astronaut Bruce McCandless dies

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The US astronaut Bruce McCandless is dead. That told the space agency Nasa on the night of Saturday on Twitter. According to the Nasa website, McCandless had already died on Thursday at the age of 80 years. The astronaut was the first person to float freely in space during a spacewalk. "McCandless is probably best known as the human on a famous NASA photo where he flies next to the Space Shuttle," he says in his NASA profile. The picture shows McCandless with the Nasa-developed jetpack during his famous spacewalk in 1984. The astronaut described this historic outing in space in 2015: "My wife was in the control center and the mood was worried." So he made a joke and said that it was a small step for Neil Armstrong on the moon, but for him this was a damn big jump. "It has eased the tension a bit." McCandless was born on June 8, 1937 in Boston, Massachusetts. The former soldier of the US Navy went to Nasa in 1966. Previously, he had studied electrical engineering at Stanford University and later earned a degree in business administration. During the Apollo 11 mission, the first manned flight to the moon in 1969, he was responsible for communicating with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, according to Nasa at the Mission Control Center , He assisted the astronauts on the Apollo 14 mission and was the replacement pilot for the first manned Skylab mission. In 1990, he helped bring the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit around the Earth to explore distant galaxies , (AP)


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