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  US Army flies Militian man over Korean peninsula | News | Bit Updates
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US Army flies Militian man over Korean peninsula | News

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Washington (Reuters) – After the recent missile and nuclear tests in North Korea, the US Army has once again held a militia about the Korean peninsula. Two B-1B machines had been deployed along with South Korean fighters, the South Korean military reported on Tuesday. According to US figures, Japanese soldiers also participated in the night exercise, which was launched on the US stadium on Guam. Almost at the same time as the militans, US President Donald Trump met with his advisors to discuss the options of his country in the North Korean conflict. Trump was taught by Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chief Justice Officer Joseph Dunford, as well as other members of its national security team, about the options of the US. On the one hand, the US prosecutor was concerned about how the North Korean aggression can be reacted. On the other hand, it was also discussed how the government of North Korea could be prevented from threatening the US and its allies with nuclear weapons. Further details were not disclosed. On Tuesday, the Communist Party in North Korea celebrated the 72nd anniversary of its founding. In this context, further provocations were expected by the Communist regime. STEELED PLNEL The South Korean hacker has captured confidential data from the militant against South Korean deputy Rhee Cheol Hee. Among these are plans for how the leadership in Pjngjang can be eliminated, Rhee said, citing South Korean security forces. The incident had occurred last year. A special committee of the United Nations Security Council, on the other hand, issued a worldwide ban on ports to four ships. They are accused of having transported coal from North Korea. A ship has also had ammunition on board.Nordkoreas leadership has launched the world community with new atomic bomb tests and several rocket tests. The country is working on nuclear weapons that can reach the US mainland.


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