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United Internet wants alliance for high-speed Internet

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: dpa, Julian Stratenschulte)
             Ralph Dommermuth wants to realize with a network company, the nationwide gigabit Internet expansion by 2025 and lay fiber optic cable into the households.


        The Internet Manager Ralph Dommermuth wants to push the expansion of the high-speed Internet with a network company of the German telecommunications industry. "In order to move faster now, we propose a gigabit expansion fund for a national network alliance," said the founder and CEO of United Internet AG (1 & 1, GMX) newspaper Welt am Sonntag. The network company would take over the fiber optic expansion into the houses and provide the connections to all providers.
In Germany, there are hardly any households, public institutions or companies that are directly connected to the fiber optic network. This allows for higher Internet speeds than previous online access. Although companies such as Telekom and Vodafone have laid tens of thousands of kilometers of optical fiber. But these lines often end up in distribution boxes on the sidewalk. The last meters usually run over copper pipes.

Financing the nationwide gigabit Internet The grand coalition has written the comprehensive gigabit Internet as its target in the coalition agreement until 2025. Ten to twelve billion euros to the broadband expansion cost the federal government. The sum is to be provided via a gigabit investment fund. The telecommunications companies have to fill the pot before all else.
From the perspective of Dommermuth a nationwide fiber optic expansion costs more 80 billion euros. "Any telecom company wishing to participate in this alliance would pay capital into the company based on its current market share," he told The World on Sunday. Would the companies deposit ten billion euros and the sum with subsidies increased by another ten billion and the network company borrow another ten billion euros, would be 30 billion euros ready. Existing infrastructure should be rented by the network company.
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