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Uniper blasts off in the defense against Fortum for orderly withdrawal News

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

– by Tom KckenhoffDsseldorf (Reuters) – In the fight against the Finnish utility Fortum Uniper goes to his opponent. BuyGoldYou want to invest in physical gold? Take advantage of the favorable conditions in the finanzen.net Goldshop.zum ShopDo the Executive and Supervisory Boards of the Dsseldorfer Group rejected the approximately eight billion euro takeover offer of the Scandinavians on Tuesday after intensive examination. At the same time, however, Uniper CEO Klaus Schfer wants to look ahead. It is likely that E.ON's Fortum will adopt the 47 percent Uniper package in early 2018, becoming the new major shareholder. "What we need now is a clean agreement with Fortum, which is legally resilient, provides clarity to employees and shareholders, and is equally acceptable to Fortum and Uniper." Fortum had a price of € 22 per share for the remaining one with E.ON. Uniper's share of 47 percent agreed, which corresponds to around 3.8 billion euros. On the 7th of November the Finns made an offer of the same height to the other shareholders. The shares of Uniper have been trading at just under EUR 24 in recent weeks.FORTUM: WILL NOT INCREASE OFFER In the official statement, the management board and supervisory board of Uniper advised the shareholders not to accept the offer. They consider that the offer is not in the interest of Uniper, the shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. "Fortum's offer is unacceptable as it does not reflect the true value of Uniper," said Schfer. The corporations did not fit together strategically. Geographically, there is no advantage. "Fortum does not give Uniper any significant advantage." The decision was made according to the company without any votes. E.ON CFO Marc Spieker, who was on the board of directors, did not take part in the vote. Fortum stressed that it would not increase the bid. E.ON also defended the height. "It remains true that the Fortum quote for E.ON remains a highly attractive offer, which we will decide on in January, and that the management of Uniper and Fortum continue the talks, we welcome," the Group said. UNIPER-CHEF DOES NOT WANT TO BE IN THE "SCHMOLLECKE" On Tuesday, Sniper boss Schfer again questioned Fortune's statement that the Finns did not plan to take over. The works council had also expressed its concern that it could lead to the destruction of Uniper and a reduction of the 13,000 jobs, including 5,000 in Germany. Schfer once again criticized E.ON's approach, which deceived the company's former CFO. "The relationship with E.ON has cooled down very, very clearly." Uniper's Supervisory Board Chairman Bernhard Reutersberg, a longtime companion of E.ON CEO Johannes Teyssen, pointed out that it had originally been agreed to sell the minority shares of Uniper in a market-friendly manner over a medium-term period. Schfer turned his attention to the future. "If you like, I came out of my much-quoted" Schmollecke "and met with Pekka Lundmark, head of Fortum, last week." It was important to reach an agreement that was legally binding, that would provide clarity for employees and shareholders, and that it was acceptable to Uniper and Fortum.


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