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Twitch streams: Gronkh gets a broadcasting license

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    Gronkh gets a broadcasting license for his Twitch channel GronkhTV.
                (Picture: twitch.tv/gronkhtv)
             Do Livestreamer need a broadcasting license? First, the well-known Let's player Erik "Gronkh" Range had resisted the demand of the State Media Authority NRW – In October, but he has made a license application, which was now granted.


        Erik "Gronkh" Range is the most subscribed Youtuber Germany, he is voice actor, Let's player, Livestreamer – and owner of a broadcasting license. As Gameswirtschaft reported, Range has already submitted a license application to the NRW State Media Authority in October of last year, which has now been approved by the Commission for the Determination of Concentration in the Media CEC.
The decision was made by CEC in its first session of the new year. There it says relatively briefly: "The national television branch programs GronkhTV and Gronkh organized by Erik Range are to receive a permission of the national institute for media North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM).) On the channel GronkhTV all-day pre-produced videos on computer games and eSports, in particular in the form of so-called In addition, live broadcasts on the same subject areas are offered irregularly on several days a week via the Gronkh Canal. "
Are Twitch streams broadcasting? Surprisingly, above all, the Gronkh has made the broadcast application ever: Last summer he had defied against the demand of the State Media Authority NRW nor with a lawyer. Whether people who broadcast livestreams via platforms such as Twitch need a broadcasting license is controversial. According to Section 2 of the Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (RStV), broadcasting is defined as follows:
The offer of broadcasting is any linear information and communication service aimed at the general public, which does not affect users in terms of time or content and is distributed along a transmission schedule.The offer is aimed at more than potentially 500 simultaneous users. The offer is journalistic / editorially designed The offer is not exclusively for personal or family purposes
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Streamer against State Media AuthorityOb with twitch streams now of an editorial design can be the subject, is hotly debated. Although the State Media Authority NRW acknowledges that the provisions in the State Broadcasting Agreement are no longer up-to-date, it intends to continue to implement them until a change in the law. The state government in North Rhine-Westphalia praises meanwhile, Streamer of the broadcasting license obligation to free. When such a law is launched is still unclear.
In addition to Gronkh, the Let's Play group PietSmiet also landed in the sights of the State Media Authority. That with Gronkh now the largest German streamer is folded, could develop signal effect. For Livestreamer the application for a broadcasting license is annoying for several reasons. The broadcasting license means that the streamer must adhere to the same rules as traditional TV programs, for example with regard to the protection of minors. In addition, the license will cost between 1,000 and 10,000 euros.
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