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  Turkish consulate teaching in Berlin: "clearly religious and nationalist contents" – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Turkish consulate teaching in Berlin: "clearly religious and nationalist contents" – Berlin

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Actually, it should only be a matter of learning the mother tongue and being a native speaker. Now it turns out that the curriculum conceived in Ankara contains "clearly religious and nationalist content" according to the educational administration. This was announced by Secretary of State for Education, Mr Mark Rackles (SPD), at the school committee on the request of the SPD deputies, Maja Lasic. A state alternative offer should start in this school year to make the consulate offer "dispensable". The statements of the Secretary of State made the deputies listen. While there were always conjectures in this respect, concrete complaints were hardly known. In addition, the lessons were hardly noticed, although there were warnings that – especially since the coup attempt – only Erdogan loyal teachers from Ankara would be seconded to Germany. At the end of 2016, when the day-to-day survey reached the end of 2016 on the subject of consul- tation lessons, it turned out that the topic did not pay particular attention to either the Senate, the House of Representatives or the GEW. The school curriculum was criticized as early as 2003In the meantime, the school supervisor "takes more" the consular lessons, said Rackles in committee. Thus, the administration had the curriculum translated, and there the controversial content found, why one "months" with the consulate in conversation was. At the request of the authorities, Beate Stoffers said that the Turkish side had now revised some of the criticized bodies. However, this process has not yet been completed. Lautenster is the same curriculum, which was criticized in 2003. At that time the issue had apparently not been pursued further by the education authority. Mutlu called for a Berlin concept – in vain. Consulate classes take 2300 to 3,000 students from Berlin to more than 100 primary schools. It is assumed that many families use this offer only for lack of alternative: The green education expert Özcan Mutlu had already criticized in 2007 that Berlin did not develop its own convincing concepts. There is also no staff. Volkshochschulk forces are now to be part of the solution. The time is not only due to the potential influence of the Erdogan-influenced Turkey on Berlin students. In addition, some districts recently demanded money from the Embassy to use the school premises. The Embassy points out that this item is not provided for in its budget because no rent has been required so far. At the very least in the middle, however, the district administrator wants to insist on a payment. If the Turkish side did not find a solution, 500 to 700 pupils would suddenly be without their mother-tongue instruction from their families. As reported, Embassy Counselor Cemal Yildiz expects that there will be parental test.


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