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Turkey policy: Gabriel irritated, Brok appeased – Politics

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has used an unusual means in conflict with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The SPD politician advised of traveling to Turkey. "You can not do this with a clear conscience at the time," Gabriel told the Bild newspaper, pointing to the tense political situation in the country and the numerous requests made by German citizens. At the same time, he stressed, "The decision as a state can not be taken away by anybody." The Foreign Office (AA) tried to relativize the significance of Gabriel's step after the interview was published: the minister said the word "warning" on Friday. Therefore, the AA is not currently preparing a formal travel warning. Until now German tourists in Turkey are cautioned. They are also advised to register with the Embassy for security reasons. After the arrest of the German human rights defender Peter Steudtner, the federal government tightened the course against Turkey at the beginning of July. In this context, the AA had revised the travel notes. Ten German citizens are now held in Turkish prisons because of political accusations. The most prominent case is the German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel, who has been in jail since the beginning of the year.Gabriel's accused holiday warning comes as a surprise, as the Foreign Minister pleads on many other occasions not to enter Erdogan's game, the escalation from domestic policy And to profit from arguments with German politicians. This is precisely the argument the Foreign Minister also tried on the evening of the talkshow Maybrit Illner on ZDF. Amongst German diplomats, Gabriel's interview caught up with incomprehension. AA top officials also complain that the minister's dealings with foreign policy conflicts are subordinate to his electoral interests. The Greens-Bundestag deputy Özcan Mutlu criticized Gabriel. He said that Turkey's policy was "just as confusing as the SPD's policy on Russia: one of them said," the other hott, "said the deputy of the German-Turkish parliamentarian group "It was not enough to tell Erdogan Tacheles," he said, "that Gabriel is not to understand that diplomatic action is a sign of weakness," says Mutlu "The European parliamentarian, Elmar Brok (CDU), warned against a rhetorical escalation in the dealings with Turkey during the Bundestag election campaign." One should not be provoked by every stupid sentence, "the EU parliamentarian told the Tagesspiegel with a view to the Verbalattacken Turkish politician, Erdogan had previously called for Turkish Germans to vote for the Bundestag elections R CDU, SPD and Greens.

In addition, Erdogan had personally attacked Foreign Minister Gabriel. After Gabriel intervened in the German election campaign, Erdogan said last weekend in a speech to supporters in the Turkish province of Denizli to the address of the Federal Foreign Minister: "Who are you that you are talking to the President of Turkey? " Erdogan added, "How long have you been in politics, how old are you?" Afterwards, the SPD chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, told Bonn's "General-Anzeiger": "Mr Erdogan uses the language of a landlord."
Elmar Brok urges German politicians not to be provoked by Ankara.Photo: imago / Future ImageStatt to be provoked by Ankara, Erdogan should be "coolly signaled" that a continuation of the EU accession talks and negotiations on An expansion of the customs union is unthinkable, as long as the Turkish president is sticking to his policy, Brok said. However, the CDU politician argued against a formal ending of the EU accession talks. One must, for example, always keep in mind the 49 percent of the Turkish electorate who voted against Erdogan's presidential constitution last April, he said. The question of EU accession talks is controversial in the CDU / CSU

In the Union, the issue is controversial as to whether the currently dormant EU accession talks should be completely broken off in the face of the oppression of the opposition in Turkey. In contrast to Brok, the head of the conservative EPP Group in the EU Parliament, Manfred Weber (CSU), had called for an end to the negotiations. "The talks, which were an illusion from the outset, must be completely ended," Weber said. Fatalities: Oettinger calls for more money for Turkey. In this case, EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger called for more money from the EU countries for the refugee agreement with Turkey. "The Member States have to finance two billion plus x," Oettinger told the news magazine "Der Spiegel". The EU has given Turkey a total of six billion euros by 2018, for example, for housing and training refugees. The first tranche of € 3 billion will be planned by the end of the year, and Oettinger has already set an amount of around € 300 million for the second tranche in the draft budget in 2018. Oettinger considers the EU to be the largest share of the remaining sum -members in the duty. Germany reportedly contributed some 500 million euros to the refugee population, but EU experts believe that Berlin will have to pay a lot more in the second tranche. On the one hand, it is unlikely that the EU will be able to recoup one billion euros from its own budget. On the other hand, it is open whether Britain, which wants to leave the EU, is prepared to continue to pay for the agreement. The EU-Turkey agreement, which has been in force since 2016, provides for the EU to return all migrants illegally through the EU Turkey to Greece and do not receive asylum. For any returned Syrian refugee, another Syrian from Turkey may enter the EU directly and directly. (With dpa)


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