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Turkey: Erdogan's old combatants must go – Politics

Monday, October 9th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Recep Tayyip Erdogan resigns in his government division AKP. Old combatants like the Istanbul mayor Kadir Topbas have to go and are replaced by Erdogantreue politicians. The AKP mayors of other large cities should also be on the shooting list. With the campaign against his own party Erdogan wants to prepare the 2019 super-election year, on which his own political destiny depends. Observers see the president sign of panic. "He makes mistakes on mistakes," says the journalist and AKP expert Rusen Cakir. In the big cities, the AKP is losing its support. The municipal parliaments, the popular representation in Ankara and the president are re-elected in Turkey in two years. Only with a confirmation in office 2019, Erdogan will definitely have achieved his goal of enforcing his own powers of authority for himself. However, the extremely brief outcome of the April constitutional conference revealed to the state that his victory is anything but certain. Especially in the big cities, the Turks turn away from the ACP. The founding of a new right-wing conservative party under the former Minister of the Interior Meral Aksener in just a few weeks could make the situation even more difficult for the AKP. That is why Erdogan takes the reins. He speaks of "material fatigue" in the AKP, which has ruled Turkey for 15 years. At a weekend weekend, the president emphasized that the city halls would have "changes". The ACP mayors of Istanbul and Düzce, Topbas and Mehmet Keles, had already to take the hat. Even Melih Gökcek is probably no longer secure on his post in Ankara. Anything or nothing The action against the "material fatigue" deceives a dynamic in the government division, which no longer exists, say observers. The AKP has frozen into an Erdogan poll, and has no vision, says the journalist Cakir, who has been watching the party's inner life for years. Erdogan now sends "forgiveness" into the mayors' offices, Cakir stressed in a video analysis on Twitter.Drank Erdogan in two years for everything or nothing. In the presidential election, he needs more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round, a goal he and the AKP are currently far from. In a second round, other parties could agree on a consensus candidate and defeat Erdogan. Then another politician would benefit from the power of the Presidency created by the AKP especially for Erdogan.


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