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Trump's trip to Asia: China will not replace the US – Politics

Monday, November 13th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

But where there is danger, the rescuer also grows, gave Hölderlin the despair courage. Where does the rescuer show through Asia at the end of Donald Trump's twelve-day journey? The continent has the potential to become the center of the global economy, but it is also on the brink of nuclear war in Korea; China's territorial claims in the adjacent seas can also escalate into wars. Who gives the region stability and stability? The liberal order can survive even without the US For many in Germany the answer is: China. However, two developments call this question into question. The Pacific Rim do not want China to replace the US. After Trump has withdrawn from the TPP Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement, they are holding onto TPP under the leadership of Japan, the third largest economic power after the US and China. At the Apec summit, eleven states agreed on minimum standards for trade, social affairs, safety at work and the environment. The agreement should ultimately force China to accept these standards. Here is the answer: the liberal order can survive even without the US and exert pressure on illiberal actors to recognize the rules. Hölderlin would have less pleasure in the second development. The danger of war in Korea is not less than before the peak talks. China has increased pressure on its North Korean ally, but continues to fail to realize that it is ready to use all available means to stop Kim Jong Uns illegal nuclear and missile testing. China can not fill the gap Trump is ripping up, Trump's behavior In the Korean conflict, which changes suddenly between provocation and reassurance, is certainly not helpful. For a conversation with Vladimir Putin about Korea, it was not at all because of Trump's domestic political struggles with the Russia affair. In addition, his appearance in Asia was too contradictory. In trade, he spoke against multilateral agreements and for selfishness of nation states. In the Korean conflict he called for multilateral agreements. The core problem in Korea, however, is Kim, not Trump. China has the ultimate responsibility. The lesson is that if the US withdraws as a regulatory power, that does not mean that China (or Russia) will fill the gap. States such as Japan or Germany must respond to this new dynamic. They are regional leaders, not world powers. So far, they could count on the USA to guarantee the liberal order that they created after 1945. It has allowed Japan and Germany to rise to the third and fourth strongest economic power. Germany should follow Japan's exampleWhat to do? Japan is a good example. The world is becoming more troubled, more complicated, more dangerous because Trump is leaving multilateral agreements. However, one does not have to accept that an illiberal China as a replacement power is the supposedly best alternative. The ambition should be to preserve as much as possible of the liberal order – with China, wherever it can be integrated. Against China, where it wants to impose its interests on others, without paying attention to rules and international responsibility.


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