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Trump government wants to privatize ISS after 2024

Monday, February 12th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

            The International Space Station ISS
                (Image: NASA)
             Since the beginning of the millennium, the International Space Station has been one of humanity's most important research projects. But the US government does not want to pay more and leave the station to the private sector. Whether this is possible is unclear.


        The US government under Donald Trump wants to privatize the International Space Station ISS in a few years. This is apparent from internal documents, reports the Washington Post. Accordingly, the US not only plans to cease its financial participation by the year 2024, but want to hand over the space station by 2025 to partners in the private sector. Whether and how this is possible at all is not yet foreseeable, after all, the ISS is a joint project of the USA with Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada. The future of the station has become more and more uncertain over the past few years, as Russia has also promised to end its involvement.
According to the report, the US government wants to demand $ 190 million for the next year's privatization, and more in the following years. The money should ensure that "commercial successors to the ISS – possibly with parts of the ISS are ready when they are needed". If the Trump government actually pursue this plan, but there should be considerable resistance, including from the Congress, the US newspaper summarizes. After all, the United States has invested a total of nearly $ 100 billion in the station, which is designed for research. It was not clear at all who might want to take over the station.

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    The dome was one of Gerst's favorite places to stay. (Image: ESA / NASA)

Great plans, little concreteThe International Space Station has been permanently inhabited by humans since 2 November 2000 and is one of the most important research projects of humanity in the world. Since the end of the Space Shuttle, only Russia can fly astronauts to and from the station, NASA relies on private carriers for the future. Whether they are in a position to do so is still open. While NASA wants to leave the near-Earth area more and more to the private sector, the US Space Agency should devote itself in the foreseeable future, especially to the exploration of the more distant regions. However, after Mars was targeted under US President Barack Obama, Donald Trump has recently spent the moon as the next target. Plans for a new space station are not very far yet.




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