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Trump defeat: Republicans abolish abolition of "Obamacare" – Politics

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The US Republicans have also failed with the third attempt to abolish and replace the health insurance "Obamacare". The majority leader in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, officially pulled the plug on Tuesday (local time): They will no longer vote this week. Next, the Republicans want to tackle a tax reform, but at least as complex and charged as a health reform. In the ninth month of the presidency, Donald Trumps has not yet won any major plans. "We do not want to change the American health system," McConnell said. "We are not in a position to do this this week, but it still lies ahead." However, these efforts are now again considerably more difficult. For the month of September – and the last session of the Senate on this Friday – the deadline of a special rule, in which the Republicans could have abolished by a majority of 50 votes in the Senate "Obamacare". After that they need 60 votes. The Republicans have 52 seats in the Senate. They could already allow a maximum of two votes from their own camp. The Democrats are closed against it. The senators Rand Paul, John McCain and Susan Collins had announced in the past days, in a vote on the draft to vote no. They justified this by saying that they were too conservative, too conservative, or insufficiently co-ordinated and prepared. In recent months, the government division had failed to reform the health system with several attempts. The third failure marks for the Republicans the end of a seven-year effort to abolish or replace Barack Obama's massive counter-fought achievement. "Obamacare" was also one of Donald Trumps' most important election campaigns.Trump is already openly frustrated. The Republican initiators of the bill, Bill Cassidy (Louisiana) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), were very disappointed. The US President had already shown himself openly frustrated before the final failure. He was very disappointed with some Republican senators, he said. Trump described them as "so-called Republicans".

The Democrats, after the end of the third attempt, expressed their hope to work together with the Republicans to improve "Obamacare". "We hope that we can now move forward and improve health care," said Senator Chuck Schumer. The last major tax reform comes from 1986Senators of the Republicans said that now they wanted to turn to the tax reform. However, the multiple failures in the reform of health have not improved the prospects for success as well as the internal fights of the party. The last major tax reform came in 1986. The Republican President of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, said: "We are a bit frustrated that the Senate has not kept a pioneering promise." He also announced that the tax reform was now on The Republicans have been able to take a third step towards the abolition of "Obamacares", ultimately also to the US Democrats. Actually, the entire month of September had been dominated by debt ceiling issues. In a surprise surprise, however, Trump had agreed with the Democrats, against the republicans internally disputed on this issue. Thus, time was suddenly given to the attempt to help the majority of the project launched in July in Obamacare. (AP)


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