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  Transparency in the Berlin School: The "Muzzle Debate" Draws More Circles – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Transparency in the Berlin School: The "Muzzle Debate" Draws More Circles – Berlin

Thursday, November 16th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Actually, it was not much that the CDU education expert Hildegard Bentele from Tempelhof-Schöneberg wanted: Only an e-mail address, because she wanted to get in touch with the coordinator of the education network Nahariya-Kiez, who is in her constituency for the purpose of an appointment , But the simple request became a problem. "We would like to ask you to address your request to the Regional Council for the Department for Youth, Environment, Health, School and Sport, Mr. Schworck," the answer to Bentele said. No conversation in private Even the next attempt was not successful: "Thank you for your mail," was the reaction of the employee Oliver Schworcks (SPD). "After consulting with Mr. Schworck, I inform you that we are happy to assist you in a conversation for information. However, Mr Schworck asks for understanding that it is necessary to have this conversation with the Education Office. "" District-level muzzles "Bentele sees this reaction as a" district-level muzzle ": why can not I talk to the coordinator about the work? of the network? "asks Bentele. After all, it is precisely the purpose of an educational network to create networks. She recalled that the House of Representatives had provided additional funds for the educational alliances, so that schools, youth clubs and day-care centers can work better together in difficult neighborhoods. Since it is obvious that she wanted to inform herself. Schworck himself does not understand the excitement. "Is that a fundamental right that a member of parliament can talk to anyone in the district office ?!" asked the audibly angry city council on Wednesday. Bentele wanted to "play judges". The education network was launched in 2016. The first action took place in October 2017 – and the coordinator sought by Bentele is Christa Niclasen, the former longtime leader of the Löcknitz Elementary School. The parents are "close to the side" critical headmaster in terms of transparency and "muzzles" MEPs no fun – and the National School Advisory Board not. The highest body of parents, teachers and students went on Wednesday to distance themselves from an appeal by Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) to Berlin's headmaster, prefer not to explain their schools to the "scrap property" and report press inquiries to the administration.

"Democracy lives on freedom of expression" The National School Advisory Council reaffirmed a statement by the National Parent Committee stressing that "it is close to all school leaders who speak publicly about the conditions in their schools, regardless of possible consequences". Leaders who also publicly use their school are "true leaders". It was important to "talk about the ailing state of many schools through the media". Furthermore, it says in the decision: "This attitude deserves our all appreciation! Democracy lives from freedom of expression, openness and transparency." CDU calls Scheeres a "wrong occupation" On Wednesday, the CDU spokesman spoke up. "A senator who tries to muzzle schoolmasters with meager letters is a miscarriage," it said in a statement by state governor Monika Grütters and the Spandau Member of Parliament Kai Wegner. They also criticized Scheiber for wanting to visit the Carlo Schmid School on 18 December, which has been in a state of emergency since the autumn holidays: until then, the foyer, whose ceiling had collapsed, will be restored. As reported, part of the college protested against the working conditions at the school: noise, dirt, cold and a temporary freeze on teachers and students. The fear of the release of artificial mineral fibers from a water pipe break that had preceded the fall of the ceiling did the rest. All clear in Spandau is affirmed However, two measurements after the end of the autumn holidays had no burden. Nobody was particularly surprised when a "workplace visit" commissioned by the Education Administration on Wednesday revealed that "from the point of view of occupational safety and occupational health practitioners at present there is no danger to teachers from the collapse of the KMF or other mineral fibers in the air exists, "the agency said.

What teachers are now more and more worried about is the fact that the construction work, which has been necessary as a result of the rehabilitation backlog, has been going on for years due to a lack of funds and the exit of a construction company and will not be over for a long time yet.


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