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Training in Berlin: Global conflicts do not stop at school – Berlin

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

On Saturday, more than 32,000 first-year students in Berlin celebrate their schooling. On Monday the first real day of schooling is for them. Without the parents, all alone, a first, great step towards independence. 32,000 times unrelenting curiosity, boundless curiosity, and the elevating feeling of finally being no longer one of the little ones. One of the most exciting days of her life so far. The enrollment also means an incision for the parents. They must learn to release more than in the daycare, to share the responsibility with the teachers. This is hard to find in normal times. However, there is no question of normal times: the use of nuclear bombs is discussed in the conflict around North Korea, climate change is driving more and more dangerous hurricanes, terror also penetrates German everyday life and people flee from war zones to Europe. Can parents and school keep the primary school students away from these frightening events? Should they try to do it at all? No, it is true that the school is a sheltered space, where the children feel safe and happy to go. It is an illusion, however, to believe that one can keep the real world out of the shelter school. Through the tablet or smartphone, via snapped up entertainment, pictures on television or in the newspaper, even the youngest are increasingly faced with the disasters of the world. As a Syrian refugee child, the consequences of a civil war can also be sitting right next to them in the class. World conflicts are increasingly present in schools today. Teachers and educators in the classroom deal with these global conflicts is a major educational challenge. To negate the conflicts of the world, to keep them out of the children, is just as wrong as to torment the children with unshakable horrors, which overwhelm the little ones. Conceal aggravates the problem, because the child deduces from the behavior of the adults, that their own anxiety is founded, since the adults obviously feel the same way. The teacher's skill is also important. It is also true that the children learn how to deal with fear and try out their own coping strategies. In the end, this does not mean that parents and teachers are supposed to present the children with final solutions for complex problems and questions they can not answer themselves. Instead, they must take the children's concerns seriously, but should also be open to the fact that they also have fears and do not have an answer to all questions. A good teacher is in dialogue with his pupils. This is, however, independent of the political world situation anyway a good teacher. That he is in dialogue with his students, encourages them to ask questions, question themselves, train themselves, or involve external experts when they come to their own borders. To this extent, it is a good sign that Berlin-based schools will soon be hosting Internet-oriented young teachers as "digital ambassadors", which should raise awareness among teachers and students of the challenges in the digital world. If such a teaching approach succeeds in attracting critical questioners who learn at school how satisfying and motivating it is to find the right answers independently, much has already been achieved.


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