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Three ways: How to invest in Bitcoins Message

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Bitcoins have shown a respectable performance over the past years. In 2016 alone, the bitcoin rate has grown by more than 126 percent. Bitcoins were thus by far the currency with the best growth in value. As early as 2015 and 2013 Bitcoins was the most important currency ever. One of the main reasons for this was the capital controls in China, which are handled by means of cryptogels because they are not controlled by states.
First step: The Wallet

In view of this performance, many investors are interested in cryptography. But how can you buy or sell Bitcoins? There are basically three possibilities: bitcoin trading, bitcoin exchange offices or offline skids.

The basic requirement for the use of Bitcoins is the possession of an electronic wallet. Such a wallet can be set up via Bitcoin.org, for example, and can be used to pay a bank account at the bank because bitcoins can be received or credited with it. Bitcoins does not generally differ from a bank transfer, but instead of an account number, a receipt address is used. However, because the digital currency is sent directly from person to person without an intermediary, the incurring fees are lower than with banks.

For everyday use, a bitcoin wallet is suitable on the smartphone, but it is also possible to use a wallet only for online payments on the PC or tablet. After downloading and installing a Bitcoin-Wallets, this should be secured with a strong password, a passphrase. This access code must then be entered before each transaction.
Bitcoin Trading

If you want to buy bitcoins, you can do this online on a Bitcoin marketplace like Bitcoin.de or CleverCoin.com. Here, the users interact directly with each other, so that the price is in some way due to supply and demand, which generally leads to a relatively low price. On these marketplaces, the registered users make their offers for the purchase or sale of Bitcoins with a different currency. A business occurs when an offer is accepted by another user.

Depending on the market place the operators demand a small fee for the exchange, for the deposit, and / or for the disbursement of the money. However, this fee is usually lower than the price difference between buying and selling bureaux de change.

Bitcoins can also be purchased via Brsen such as Bitstamp or BTC-e. While the trades are managed manually on a marketplace – i. you have to look for a suitable sales offer – the trade at the Bitcoin-Brsen is automated. Here you only have to specify how many coins are to be bought and sold at which price. If the brewer finds a suitable offer, she buys the bitcoins in the customer order and then writes these to the customer well.
Bitcoin exchange offices

Probably the most uncomplicated way to buy bitcoins online is to offer so-called exchange offices, such as BTCDirect.eu or Coinimal.com. Bitcoins – but also other digital currencies – can be bought at a specific price directly from the respective operator. Depending on the exchange office various payment options are accepted.

Such exchange offices acquire the bitcoins, which they then resell, as a rule with a Bitcoin-Brse. As a result, the fees are usually higher than in a direct purchase at a trading place. For this, the purchase is easier because customers do not have to verify their account – at least for smaller amounts.
Offline skid

Bitcoins do not necessarily have to be bought over the Internet. There are different ways of obtaining the cryptowe also offline for cash. Various platforms such as Bitcoin-Treff.de provide private meetings with retailers in the area. It should be noted that trade is very anonymous and unregulated.
In addition, there are now regular meetings throughout the German-speaking world, where Bitcoin fans discuss the latest developments in the field of digital currencies. Such a direct exchange is probably the easiest way to get information about bitcoins, blockchain – the security technology for bitcoin transactions on the Internet – and other crypto-surveys. And often with these so-called Meetups also a good opportunity to buy Bitcoins.
There are even Bitcoin machines, on which Bitcoins can be purchased locally. Depending on the manufacturer, the usage is different in detail, but the principle is the same: The cash machine is fed, then the wallet is scanned to store the bitcoins in this virtual purse on the smartphone.
First bitcoin ETF rejected

In the spring of 2017, Bitcoin marked an all-time high after the next. Kur Drivers were speculations that the US Securities and Exchange Commission will approve the first Bitcoin ETF and will make the crypto money available to broader investors. However, investors' hopes have not been met. On March 10, 2017, the SEC issued a rejection of the first index fund. The issuers keep the financial product tampered with due to the lack of regulation of the bitcoin trade. This had pushed the Bitcoin course temporarily sensitive.

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