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Threatening 'shutdown': Trump criticizes Democrats | News

Friday, January 19th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – President Donald Trump has criticized the opposition Democrats in the face of the threat of a government deadlock in the United States. "The House of Representatives passed a bill last night to finance the government, and Democrats are now needed to pass it in the Senate – but they want illegal immigration and weak borders," Trump wrote on Friday morning (local time) on Twitter On Saturday, a deadline expires in the US, until the Congress and White House have to find a compromise. Otherwise the government will run out of money. The consequence would be a "shutdown", ie the shutdown of parts of the government and administration. During the night of Friday, the House of Representatives approved a bill with a clear majority of Republicans, which would again avoid such a closure in the short term until 16 February. Decisive but now is the vote in the Senate, the second congressional chamber. The Republicans are dependent on support from the ranks of the Democrats, because they do not come alone to the necessary number of 60 votes. However, a large proportion of the Democrats have said that they want to vote against the measure because it does not respond to a protection program for young migrants. The Democrats are eager to find a solution for the so-called Dreamer, who came to the US many years ago as children of illegal immigrants. For Trump, a "shutdown" this weekend would be particularly unpleasant, because on Saturday the day of his inauguration. However, the president has done nothing publicly in recent days to find a compromise with the Democrats. Critics accuse him of poisoning the political climate in the immigration debate with derogatory remarks about "bastard states." /hma/DP/she


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