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Thousand Raspbery Pi in Cluster Rack

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    BitScope drawer with 144 Raspberry Pi 3 to 6 HE.
             For the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the company builds BitScope rack bays with 144 Raspi-3 boards, which can be combined into a cluster with 1008 Raspberry Pi 3 and 4032 ARMv8 cores.


        Raspberry Pi 3 in a Cluster: The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is packing more than 1000 of its popular mini-computers into one rack. The company BitScope developed for this purpose a slot called Cluster Module with six height units (6 HE), which receives 144 Raspis. Seven of these 6U bays hold a 42U cabinet, which then runs 1008 Raspberry Pi 3 with 4032 ARMv8 cores.


          BitScope Cluster Blade CP60 for 60 (4 × 15) Raspberry Pi 3
          (Picture: bitscope
    One Cluster Module fits three Cluster Packs (CP), two of which accommodate 60 (CP60) and one 30 (CP30) Raspis. The cluster packs also provide power to the computers. Of the 150 Raspis, 6 are reserved.
Each Cluster Module has the necessary power supplies and fans, as well as three 48-port Gigabit Ethernet switches and two 10GbE ports for the top-of-rack (ToR) switch. For each Cluster Module, six 10GbE ports are required on the ToR switch, and for seven Cluster Modules, 42 ports are required.
Less than 6 kW per rackWith 5 watts of "typical" power consumption per Raspi, BitScope promises under 6 kW per rack. The cost should be under $ 150 per Raspi node. Thanks to Network Boot, all Raspis in the rack can load the same software image on request.
The BitScope Cluster Module was unveiled at the Supercomputing 2017 (SC17) in Denver. The LANL wants to use the Raspi cluster as a test system for the development of software for the management of clusters.
Known for the near-equivalent USB oscilloscope, BitScope has already developed systems for robust mounting of Rasberry Pis in cabinets, such as the BitScope Blade and Blade Rack.




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