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Theresa May in Brussels: Brexit means poker – politics

Friday, November 24th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Although British Prime Minister Theresa May is under tremendous pressure in her homeland, she did not show it on Friday during her visit to Brussels. At the start of the EU summit on partnership with eastern states such as Ukraine and Georgia, May routinely ran down her standard sentence, which she always says when it comes to Britain's security commitment to the good of the continent: "We like the European Union leave, but we do not leave Europe. "Oh yes, there was still another topic: the Brexit. In addition, May was able to elicit the conclusion that in the difficult negotiations, both the United Kingdom and the remaining 27 EU states had to "take the next step together". The message: May had not come to Brussels as a petitioner. Mourning deadline Two weeks ago, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier set a deadline for the British. Within 14 days, London must answer the question of how much Britain wants to pay when leaving the EU. This deadline expired on Friday – without an agreement between the two sides on the amount of the UK EU exit invoice. However, Barnier's deadline had had an effect insofar as there was talk in London's media reports of a complacency by the London government last week. London wants to put 40 billion euros to pay the EU exit bill on the table, it said in the reports. Previously, only a sum of 20 billion euros had been mentioned. In Brussels, however, it is estimated that London will have to pay around € 60 billion by withdrawing in March 2019, taking into account contributions to the current EU budget, longer-term commitments from the European budget and pension payments for EU officials Brussels had already made it clear to EU diplomats that the deadline set by Barnier could well be delayed by a few days. By 4 December, when May wants to meet with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, now a solution to the dispute over the money will be found. In order to reach an agreement, there was a kind of exploratory talk between May and the EU Council leader Donald Tusk on Friday after the EU summit on the Eastern Partnership.Hard attitude in Berlin and ParisThe Pole Tusk plays a role insofar as he was commissioned by the Heads of State or Government of the EU acts. When the Brexit talks began five months ago, May still believed that she could negotiate a better Brexit deal with the heads of state and government past the EU Commission. But this proved to be an illusion. Rather, especially Berlin and Paris had taken a more stringent bargaining position than the EU Commission. That the EU does not want to be divorced from the British Brexit negotiators, Tusk made clear once again this week. The EU Council President tweeted a photo showing him shaking hands with Barnier.

It was initially unclear whether May brought new offers to the Tusk meeting on Friday on the three separation issues: the amount of the EU exit bill, the future border settlement between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the rights of 3.2 million EU citizens in the UK. Only when there is sufficient progress in these three points, the next round of talks in the Brexit talks can be heralded at the EU summit in December. After the meeting with May Tusk made it clear that until the next meeting between the British Prime Minister and the President of the Commission Juncker on 4 December further negotiations are needed. "We need to see progress from the UK over the next ten days on all issues, including Ireland," tweeted Tusk. According to a Guardian report, the London Cabinet had pledged to accommodate the financial negotiations. However, this pledge was provided with the clause that the EU would automatically have to guarantee the beginning of trade talks as demanded by London. The Irish frontier issue is more and more worrisome, but perhaps not the dispute over money becomes the crucial sticking point tricky question of the future border regulation on the Irish island. Irish head of government Leo Varadkar has requested a written pledge from the British government that no "hard border" will be established in the former civil war region between Ireland and Northern Ireland. This London does not want in principle. However, London negotiators have not yet answered the question of how to avoid border controls if Britain, as announced, leaves the EU Customs Union.


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