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The Tagesspiegel Advent Calendar: Behind the 18th Door Hide Old Files and Propaganda Material – Berlin

Monday, December 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

A gray slab in Pankow, run down and neglected. It is difficult to believe that here in Tchaikovsky Street the Iraqi embassy used to be in the former GDR. Iraq was the first non-socialist nation to diplomatically recognize the GDR. Over the years, Iraqis have been trained in mechanical engineering, math and chemistry in the GDR. In 1991, the embassy staff were asked to leave. A lot of time for packing was evidently not used. Mountains of files and propaganda material from Saddam Hussein's times are lying around, furniture, pictures. Since then the place has been a magnet for photographers, artists, souvenir hunters. Officially belongs to the land of the Federal Republic of Germany, but for the Republic of Iraq is an indefinite, free of charge right of use registered in the land registry.Türchen number one already led to Schöneberg, the second door tells of old times and the third from the underground. The fourth door is a secret handover, the fifth is "not around it" and the sixth brings luck. Behind the seven, however, the Berliner Bär steps and the eighth door is inconspicuous. Behind the ninth is tradition, on the tenth door is relying and door number 11 exudes urban romance. The 12th door now leads into the tropical underworld and door number 13 is a relic. Who opens the 14th "door" needs three keys. Door 15 should remain better closed and behind the 16th door stuck 300 years of history. The 17th door is open to everyone.


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