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The special in the acquaintance: The pictures of the 36th calendar week

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates



        10.09.2017 10:00 UhrChristine Bruns




    (Image: Thierry Schmidli)
             The look for the special, the feeling for the right moment – the photographers of this week were not only often at the right time in the right place, they also took advantage of opportunities, which spontaneously on the way resulted.


        The pictures of this week take us to the mountains, the sea, in Moore, but also to the station. As different as they are, one thing connects all – the search for the particular in the known. As a result, photographic scissors cuts and great lighting moods on people's photos, in places that are otherwise populated by tourists. And if you can push aside the stress of everyday life, you will also find the humor in the face of the Icelandic parrot bird or the view through the "window (s)" to the Bohemian Forest.
All photos of this week are available in our gallery:

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    Milchstrasse over the Sylvenstein lake
    The Sylvenstein reservoir in Bavaria is a popular excursion destination. The natural landscape offers a beautiful backdrop for photographers, especially where the Isar flows into the glacial water of the lake. The mountain lake is situated at an altitude of 750 meters. Since, apart from the village case and the federal road, there is hardly any development around the lake, it is a great background for astrophotography. In this shot of Galeriefotograf The Greilinger is the tension caused by the dark blue sky, which is subtly lit by the Milky Way and the light on the ground. The distant lamp illuminates the bridge and earth the picture, as a comment from baumfrosch under the photo aptly describes: "The illuminated street holds us on the ground." (Photo: The Greilinger)




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