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The Greens bring Schmidt's dismissal into play

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The Greens are calling for clarification on the conclusion of the German vote for further approval of the herbicide glyphosate in the EU. Renate Künast, the former head of the department, called it a "tremendous process" that Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) had approved despite the usual governmental referendum. "I would like to know if this happened with the knowledge of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU)." Otherwise, she must dismiss the Minister, said Künast the German Press Agency. This requirement holds some fuel. Despite the negotiations for a renewed grand coalition between the Union and the SPD, a minority coalition with the Greens remains in the room. Schmidt's vote for further approval also weighs on the discussion about the re-education of a GroKo. The decision was made on Monday in Brussels with the decisive voice of Germany. This approval was obviously not denied in the executive federal government. Schmidt affirmed that he had acted on his own at his yes. "I have made a decision for myself and in my responsibility," the CSU politician replied on Tuesday morning in the ARD "morning magazine" to the question of whether he had informed before his yes on Monday, the Chancellor. "These are things that you have to take care of. You are there for that. Politicians who never decide, though never attack. But these are not the ones that advance the country, "said Schmidt in defense of his decision. Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD) criticized the German consent as a breach of trust. She said on Monday Schmidt (CSU), she was "still disagree with an extension of the approval of glyphosate. It was therefore clear that Germany also had to abstain at the appeal committee meeting. "Nevertheless, the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture in Brussels voted in favor of an extension – anyone interested in" building trust between interlocutors "could not behave that way, Hendricks said. Question, "whether the mice on the table to dance" SPD parliamentary group leader Andrea Nahles addressed a sharp warning towards the Union: Schmidt's mismatched "lonely decision" was a "grave breach of trust" in the executive federal government. With a view to a grand coalition, she hopes "that this crash course will not continue now". The question arises whether the Chancellor still has her own people "under control" or "whether the mice are dancing on the table," said Nahles: "We really find that a heavy burden."

SPD Vice Ralf Stegner said in the ARD "Tagesthemen", Schmidt's vote was "a smooth breach of trust" and also contradict the Rules of Procedure of the Federal Government. Since the SPD had previously said no to an extension of the approval, Schmidt should have abstained. The SPD wonder if the Chancellor knew about it, said Stegner. He spoke of a "good punch in the office". This does not serve the ongoing discussions, which are now conducted between the parties at the request of the Federal President, in order to facilitate the formation of a government. Schmidt invokes biodiversity and animal welfare "With today's approval for the further approval of glyphosate for five years, we were able to enforce important conditions ", Said Minister of Agriculture Schmidt. He cited something like "Strengthening the Role of Biodiversity and Animal Welfare". The EU Commission would have opted anyway for the extension of the approval of glyphosate, so Schmidt. "The Commission would have prolonged the active substance without these conditions. My position has always been: If there is a scientific basis, there is a claim to the continued use of glyphosate. There are still no scientific reasons for prohibiting the further use of glyphosate. "Schmidt announced that he would take" additional measures in the interests of more restrictive applications "of glyphosate at the national level. Lauterbach: CSU is becoming a" farm worker "The deputy SPD fraction leader Ute Vogt also made a connection to the discussions with the Union about forming a government. "That's a clear violation of the agreement. So trust is destroyed and not formed, "she told the Tagesspiegel. Schmidt would be "a problem for Merkel and Seehofer. Especially in the further talks with the Federal President and our SPD chairman on a possible formation of a government. "The health expert of the SPD, Karl Lauterbach, accused the minister to have acted on their own initiative. He spoke of a "unique breach of trust". The CSU is making it the "farm laborer".

Glyphosate has been used for 40 years, but is controversial. A World Health Organization (WHO) study classifies the chemical as "likely to cause cancer." Investigations by European food safety and chemical authorities as well as from Canada, Japan and the USA do not confirm this suspicion. The extension is also significant for the German chemical giant Bayer, who wants to take over the glyphosate inventor Monsanto. Renate Künast (Green): "Black Day" Künast said of the decision: "This is a black day for health and nature, but also for the political culture in Germany. Minister Schmidt has chosen pesticides and profits instead of people and health as a protected object. He apparently started this a few weeks ago with his letter to the Commission. Now he is also trampling on democratic principles of proper government action. The only remaining question is whether this was done with Merkel's consent. This will be exciting negotiations between the Union and the SPD. "(With dpa, AFP)


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