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  The different "Culture Clash": ARD comedy "No Heart for Indians" with Beatles soundtrack – Medien | Bit Updates
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The different "Culture Clash": ARD comedy "No Heart for Indians" with Beatles soundtrack – Medien

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The title is a taste for a comedy that is so full of evil dialogues. At the same time, Sathyan Ramesh and Viviane Andereggen disguised for a surprisingly long time that "No Heart for Indians" is actually an Ehedrama despite the funny collision of the cultures. Her film varies the popular pattern of "Culture Clash" counting "Zimtstern und Halbmond", but she finds a completely new approach: because her teacher is convinced that 16-year-old Fiona (Lena Urzendowsky) unites, she proposes a student exchange. As a Beatles fan, Fiona's father, Erik Neufund (Martin Brambach), opts for Sandy McCartney, but the supposed English girl emerges on arrival as a 13-year-old Indian with the ineffable name Sacchidananda (Zayn Baig); the small Hindu is an intelligence base and has skipped two classes. Sandy speaks a not always understandable funny Indian German and is a somewhat know-it-all boy, who likes to indulge Indian life-ways ("everything remains forever, it only changes") and provides for all sorts of chaos. Apart from that, he is quite amiable; but the Newfunds want to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Erik and his wife Charlotte (Aglaia Szyszkowitz) do not have their heads anyway: he is because the steering dog is sitting at his neck; she is because she has long been tired of the marriage and has long since enjoyed herself with a lawyer (André Szymanski). When they convinced Sandy that a homecoming to London is the best for all, the self-sacrificing Fiona discovers her heart for Indians. The Knüller is Zayn BaigBei Viviane Andereggen is clearly in Ramesh's scenario in the best hands. The director, with her debut film "Simon Says Goodbye to his Foreskin" (2015), has proved how well she can pack a dramatic story cheerfully; she also led her young actor to an excellent performance. This is no different in "No Heart for Indians". Lena Urzendowsky was already famous in "The White Rabbit". Here the young actress shows that she is well cared for in a comedy, even if the closed Fiona is mainly responsible for the counterpoints; this is the only way to survive a thoroughbred comedian like Brambach. With Father Neufund, he once again delivers one of his wonderful studies of a tragicomically desperate man, who has to look helpless, like everything that is dear and dear to him, runs between his fingers. The hit of the film, however, is Zayn Baig, a young Briton who could not speak German at all. It is therefore all the more important to point out to those responsible that they can not synchronize their dialogues; he himself took part in a series of dialogues for a better comprehension after the shooting. Sathyan Ramesh participated in "Turkish for Beginners", including "A Night in the Grandhotel" (2011) and "Matthiesen's Daughters" ( 2016) wrote great comedies again and again. Even with "No Heart for Indians" the trick is to hide the message of the film and the actual story behind many funny incidents. When Fiona disappears together with Sandy, the parents finally realize what they have done; so they travel the children to London. Beatles fans will enjoy the movie anyway, because the music consists mainly of Beatles songs, and in London, Erik actually runs across to the real Paul McCartney. Tilmann P. Gangloff "No heart for Indians", ARD, Friday, 8 pm 15


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