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  The bike blog of the Tagesspiegel: Good bike paths, bad bike paths in Spandau – Liveblog – Sports | Bit Updates
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The bike blog of the Tagesspiegel: Good bike paths, bad bike paths in Spandau – Liveblog – Sports

Friday, January 12th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The year 2017 was again a thrill on Berlin's streets. And because somehow everyone is at the same time everything, namely motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, there are some wishes for the new year – for each group, so that the road users in 2018 meet with (still) more consideration. And so that not always with the finger on the others is shown, maybe everyone starts with himself. Wishes to the cyclists1. Just stop all (!) At red traffic lights. 2. Driving at night with light is definitely a good idea. The mobile phone during the ride exceptionally not use. And music is nice, but on the bike rather dispense with headphones. If you turn off at an intersection, may you please inform all other road users as well? If you are obviously slow, you are welcome to drive further to the right on the bike paths and should not overtake all faster ones at the traffic lights, only to wait there first (if he / she is waiting for that) .6. Riding side by side with your boyfriend or girlfriend on a narrow bike lane, just to chat about God and the world in peace, is quite reckless.7. Ghost Cycling is more than annoying, it is dangerous. And then to push on too much alcohol is doubly bold. 8. Driving on sidewalks because the cobbled street shakes so terribly is ridiculous. As ever, sidewalks are actually intended for pedestrians and possibly for small cyclists. Wishes to car, truck or bus driver1. Please look over the shoulders before turning right. That can save lives. First look, then open the car door – no matter to which side. If you have to stop for a moment (why always), may not do it on the bike path. And dear delivery services: Put your vans on two-lane roads but not half on the road and half on the bike path, but on the right car track. Please keep a distance when overtaking cyclists. This is especially true for you, dear bus driver. Such a taxi is a great thing, but must always serve for getting in and out of bike paths or driveways on sidewalks? Turning maneuvers on the road are sometimes unavoidable. However, there are not only other cars, but also cyclists on the roads, which is why you do not have to slow down. The turn signal is generally a great invention.8. Prospective driving also means getting behind a cyclist and then turning off the bike and not passing by full carousel just to get in the way of other road users at the intersection, because you definitely want to turn off. (In the broadest sense, predictive driving also does not just mean carelessly throwing cigarette butts out the window – someone might be wrong – on the bike or sidewalk, for example.) Wishes to the pedestrians1. Waiting for green at traffic lights, even if only one cyclist is coming. 2. Please look to the left AND right before crossing a street and then bring it quickly behind. This is especially true when an important telephone call has to be made.3. Cycle paths and roads are not pedestrian paths (the same applies, see above) 4. Trolleys have wheels, but they belong on the sidewalk – even if it's loud.5. It is indeed possible to wait at stops outside the cycle paths, even when traveling in groups. And not everyone has to compulsively study the departure plan.6. If you are thirsty and need to drink your beer or soda outside, you should either dispose of the bottle in the appropriate containers or take it home with you. In no case is it a good idea to destroy the pulleys on the bike path or the road and then let the broken pieces rot there.7. Anyone traveling on dark streets wearing dark clothes should have very good eyes and not expect to be seen immediately.8. And finally a wish to the construction workers. We value your work on the streets of this city, please also appreciate the bike and walkways and do not use them as additional storage space. And if then all the groups involved in the traffic talk to others as they wish that they talk to them, much would have been gained. Conflicts on the streets of a metropolis are unfortunately inevitable, but the use of simple rules of behavior makes it much easier. In this sense, a pleasant fellow (!) Each other in the New Year in Berlin's urban jungle.


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