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#TGIQF – The Quiz: A Look Through Chat Slang

Friday, December 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             WhatsApp, Slack or SMS – no short messages or chats without typical abbreviations like OMG, FTW, IMHO. In our quiz you can test how chat-safe you are. KMFC!





        #TGIQF: The quiz

"Thank God It's Quiz Friday!" Every Friday there is a new quiz from the areas of IT, technology, entertainment or nerd knowledge:

LOL, OMG, CU, IMHO, AFAIK … Abbreviations are already as old as the short messages themselves. Previously, you could save money with it, today it is often a matter of responding to a message with as few taps on the smartphone … or just to look cooler. With our quiz you can refresh or deepen your knowledge of the network jargon, so that they not only with phrases like ANSCD with ??? can answer.
Again, the quiz runs on time: The faster you answer the questions correctly, the more points you get. In total you can reach 300 points. Please do not cheat or say in the comments so as not to spoil the fun of others.

P.S .: Ideas for new quiz topics are always welcome, just send suggestions to the Quizmaster ➡️




New Year's Eve in the

Every year it is the same with the end-of-year planning: at the latest

Study: Twitter activities

                                       Can voters be influenced by contributions from social media

iPhone X: Will Apple'

                         Recognizable on the (almost) full screen: The iPhone X.                 

China and the US are head

                                                           (Image: Nelson Runkle, CC BY 2.0)