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Telekom wants to expand FTTH offer in small towns

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Fiber optic networks are generally considered to be the infrastructure of the future, the backbone of the future gigabit society.
                (Image: dpa, Julian Stratenschulte)
             With a first expansion project in Franconia, Telekom is resuming a model that others have been successfully practicing for some time: the pre-marketing of FTTH connections. If there are enough customers, it will be built.


        The Telekom wants to set now also on the pre-marketing already successfully used by other offerers with the glass fiber extension. In doing so, the demand is checked before a possible expansion. If enough customers for a fiber optic connection, is built. Telekom is now testing this for the first time in the Franconian town of Bad Staffelstein. In early 2018, other small towns are to follow in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Saxony and Thuringia.



    Debate: Broadband expansion in Germany

Fiber optic internet is a shop-keeper in Germany. No wonder, because vectoring is mostly more economical: fiber for everyone? What a mischief! Commented Ernst Ahlers – and triggered a heated debate, not only in the discussion forum. Some reactions pro and contra:

From December, the citizens of Bad Staffelstein can register for a fiber optic connection, said the Telekom on Wednesday. If at least 750 orders are placed by the end of February, the community with around 10,000 inhabitants will be expanded by the end of 2018 with fiber optics. Early bookers also save on house connection costs, the network operator promises.
According to this principle, some municipalities have already been connected with fiber-optic networks in the past. Often, the municipalities rely on the so-called operator model: The network is built in-house and remains the property of the community, the supply of citizens with Internet services is provided by a network operator. For this, regional network operators or companies like Deutsche Glasfaser offer themselves as cooperation partners. Just this Wednesday, the German fiberglass has given the go-ahead for two communities in Rhineland Palatinate.
"Hope for more response" For the Telekom, the pre-marketing is not entirely new. The Bonn-based company had already tried the model in 2011, said the outgoing Germany boss of Telekom, Niek-Jan van Damme. "Back then, demand was often not enough. We now hope to get more feedback, "said van Damme. The manager will leave Telekom after nine years on the board at the end of the year. Dirk Wössner, who comes from the Canadian network operator Rogers Communications, takes over his job.
With the fiber-optic expansion Telekom wants to reduce the costs by the use of Trenching. In this case, no trenches have to be dredged for the laying of the glass fiber, instead, narrow slits are milled into the floor covering. Overall, the Bonn want to strengthen their efforts in fiber optic expansion, this year 40,000 fiber kilometers are added, were planned 30,000 kilometers. Altogether measures the glass fiber network of the Telekom according to company data now 455,000 kilometers.
Support for VectoringTo the telecom also counts the fiber optic connection of the distribution boxes, from which it then continues via vectoring on the copper double wires. "We made a conscious decision to expand our fiber optics to the distributors and vectoring quickly to provide a large area coverage with fast Internet connections," explains van Damme. "In the second step, we want to bring the fiber closer to the households." That, the telecom manager demands, must then be excluded from the regulation.
The fact that the expansion of the fiber optic connections to the telecom distributor was also recently promoted by the federal government as part of the broadband expansion program has caused controversy. As part of the Jamaican exploration, the funding should actually be limited to FTTH, but the wording left room for interpretation. So the topic will also concern the next federal government – whatever that looks like.


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