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  Tagesspiegel Advent Calendar: Door 23 is Of Key Significance – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Tagesspiegel Advent Calendar: Door 23 is Of Key Significance – Berlin

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

No sign, no bell, solid steel. Quite inconspicuous, as here at the motorway bridge over the Mecklenburg road in Wilmersdorf. Those who pay attention will find such doors on many newer bridges. A former Bundeswehr soldier says with a connoisseur's view: "Access to the explosive chamber". At NATO, such structures were prepared for demolition. Whether road or rail, in the case of a case, namely the defense trap, the enemy should not be allowed to use the bridge. And so that the demolition goes fast, the chambers were installed, for a while even the explosives were already in it. Later, when the Cold War was not so cold, the explosives were kept in a secret location nearby, the so-called depot bunkers. But not in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, assures the administration. An explosion of this bridge would have made no sense anyway. You have to get into the bridge, for example, to maintain and control the bearings. Secret party rooms do not exist in any case in Berlin bridges. The Senate Department for Urban Development also confirms: "Of course, there are no access points to explosive chambers." Bridges with a large span would have walk-in maintenance passages in the abutments. Over this bridge maintenance can quickly and easily perform maintenance and cleaning, for example, at the bridge bearings and drainage pipes, without affecting the traffic. Door number one already led to Schöneberg, the second door tells of old times and the third of the underground. The fourth door is a secret handover, the fifth is "not around it" and the sixth brings luck. Behind the seven, however, the Berliner Bär steps and the eighth door is inconspicuous. Behind the ninth is tradition, on the tenth door is left and door number 11 exudes urban romance. The 12th door now leads into the tropical underworld and door number 13 is a relic. Who opens the 14th "door" needs three keys. Door 15 should remain better closed and behind the 16th door stuck 300 years of history. The 17th door is open to everyone and behind the 18th door hiding old files and propaganda material. A moving story hides behind the 19th door, zeros and ones behind the 20th door. The last dirt road Prenzlberg extends behind door 21 and the 22nd door leads only outside.


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