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Study: US could meet 80 percent of its electricity needs from renewable sources

Friday, March 9th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: "Solar panels" / Kevin Dooley / cc-by-2.0)
             Renewable energy sources are also on the rise in the US – and some cities and states are demanding 100 percent quotas. Some scientists consider that too ambitious.


        At the level of cities and states in the US, laws are in the pipeline or have already been passed that require their electricity to come from renewable sources within just a few decades. That sounds like a good idea, but in science it is argued whether the effort would not be too high. According to a new study, it would be possible to cover at least 80 percent of the US-wide demand with renewable energy. However, this would require high investment in generation capacity and storage, says Technology Review online in "How much is renewable?".



The study was published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science at the end of February. It is based on hourly weather data of 36 years. As it turned out, there were gaps in renewable electricity production even on a continental scale during this period.
Therefore, to achieve a reliable supply of 80 percent of the required electricity only with wind and sun, the US would need either a fast nationwide transmission network or storage with enough capacity for twelve hours. The necessary storage system would cost on battery basis currently more than 2.5 trillion dollars. To meet the United States' 99.7% total electricity needs, utilities would need to build 12 hours of storage capacity and at least double the generation capacity from renewable sources, the study said. Alternatively, the addition could be slightly lower if storage capacity is created for a whole month.
More at Technology Review online:


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