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SS-520-5: The smallest rocket ever to launch a satellite

Sunday, February 4th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: JAXA)
             On the second try it worked: The three-stage mini-rocket SS-520-5 of the Japanese space agency JAXA has dropped a satellite into space and set a world record.


        On February 3, the Japanese mini-rocket SS-520-5 successfully launched a satellite into space. This was reported by the Japanese space agency JAXA. The SS-520-5 is, according to Japan Times, the smallest rocket that has ever succeeded. A first world record attempt had failed a year ago: After successful launch, the nanosatellite Tricom-1, which was on board the SS-520-4, had landed in the ocean – the communication to the rocket had broken off.
The research satellite, which weighs only three kilograms and was successfully launched by the successor SS-520-5, was developed by the University of Tokyo and is designed to shoot photos of the earth's surface. Much more important, however, is the success of the rocket itself: Small rockets are cheaper and reduce the cost of satellite launches significantly.

The payload of the SS-520-5 is a few kilograms. Only small satellites can be launched into space. The SS-520-5 is a further development of the sounding rocket S-520, in contrast to the single-stage standard model, the SS-520-5 has three rocket stages. From start to orbit, the SS-520-5 did not even take five minutes, spaceflight.com reports. The rocket is 10 meters high and weighs 2600 kilograms.




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