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  Spirent Announces Multi-Million Dollar Deployment of VisionWorks for Customer Experience Assurance | Message | Bit Updates
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Spirent Announces Multi-Million Dollar Deployment of VisionWorks for Customer Experience Assurance | Message

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

      Communications plc (LSE: SPT), one of the world 's market leaders
      Solutions for lifecycle service assurance, today announced the completion of the
      first phase of providing a multi-million dollar
      Solution for VisionWorks Customer Experience Assurance (CEA, securing the
      Customer experience) for a North American Tier 1 service provider
      announced. The provision, whose value is in the range of 6
      Million USD is made up of proactive and automated
      Troubleshooting analyzes for the identification, prioritization and solution
      of problems with customer experience. For the next twelve months
      several more phases were planned.

      With the VisionWorks CEA solution, vendors can take the step of the
      to solve problems arising from customer complaints
      proactive, automated solutions. This leads to better
      Customer experience at a lower cost. VisionWorks CEA collects data
      from various network databases and security systems
      so for a uniform overview of the customer experience and the
      which are the underlying factors for the network performance
      to care. VisionWorks CEA can proactively solve problems and
      which affect many customers before subsequent care and support
      other costs. If unavoidable problems occur, the
      Troubleshooting process with VisionWorks can be significantly accelerated,
      by precisely locating basic causes and by initiating solutions.
      VisionWorks CEA is unique in its ability to create synthetic
      To use data traffic from test equipment to get rid of problems and to
      before a single customer is affected by them.

      "We can create a demand for proactive, automated backup
      and analyzes for the customer experience as the main factor for our customers
      Activities in the area of ​​lifecycle service assurance, "said
      Dave Stehlin, General Manager for Lifecycle Service Assurance
      Spirent. "During the current natural catastrophes in North America
      VisionWorks CEA supported our customers at the
      Prioritizing their troubleshooting activities to make them crucial
      Services for their customers as quickly as possible
      could. In the course of the takeover of virtualization and 5G will be
      Analysis is an indispensable tool for efficiently securing the
      Customer experience and management of service problems – whether in
      large scale or customer specific. "

      The VisionWorks CEA solution is part of a suite of solutions for
      Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) from Spirent. Spirents LSA solutions
      automate the testing and warranty procedures through the
      Service lifecycle to accelerate service innovation and the
      Operating costs. More information about Lifecycle Service
      Assurance and VisionWorks, visit https://www.spirent.com/Solutions/Service-Assurance.

About Spirent Communications plcSpirent Communications plc
      (LSE: SPT), a leading international provider of testing and testing
      Measurements, provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for testing
      Data centers, cloud computing and virtualized environments,
      High-speed Ethernet networks and services,
      Wireless networks and devices, network and application security, and
      Positioning technologies. For more information, see https://corporate.spirent.com/About-Us.

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View the original version at businesswire.com: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20171010006713/en/


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