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SPD leader Schulz presents educational initiative

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Berlin (Reuters) – SPD chief Martin Schulz wants to lead the European summit in the event of an election to the Federal Chancellor Germany with an alliance of federal, Länder and municipalities in the education sector. "We want to make Germany the number one education and qualification country in Europe," said the candidate for the presidency on Monday in Berlin at the presentation of key points, which he has worked with the seven SPD ministerial priests. The central element of the concept is the abolition of the prohibition of cooperation, which so far prohibits the federal government from investing in schools. The co-operation ban is a "major breakthrough for the German school system," the paper says. Schulz warned: "The covenant must not remain at the school." It therefore proposed that the Community task in Article 91b of the Basic Law be extended to early childhood education and school education. In addition, Schulz promises an extra € 12 billion for investments in schools for the years 2018 to 2021. The SPD also wants the free education from the school day to school and university to vocational training and master training. Schulz also wants to launch a "comprehensive expansion, renovation and modernization program for modern school buildings". Gradually, all parents and children should be given the right to a place in a whole-day school – in the next four years, in primary schools. There should be at least a million additional full-day jobs. In addition, the performance standards and learning requirements of the countries should approach each other. Digital media should be as self-evident as schoolbooks or workbooks in schools, "said Schulz. He wants to initiate a vocational school for vocational training. SCHULZ: AT THE MONEY, THE CDU MINISTERPRESIDENTS OF Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Minister-President Manuela Schwesig said that Chancellor Angela Merkel had neglected the field of full-day schools in the past twelve years. The last program was given under red-green. Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz was confident that due to the high pressure of action, a constitutional amendment would be necessary for the abolition of the prohibition of cooperation. "Nobody will be able to close it at the end." Schulz was convinced with regard to the implementation of his plans. If there were money, the CDU ministerial priests would be the first ones to be kmen. "I'm very optimistic." If they were against his plans, they would tell people why they were charged, one million a day, and a high-quality schooling. Schulz said it was new when a Chancellor regarded education policy as a key task for the future of the country. In the long term, German competitiveness would depend on it. CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber said that the Confederation had never invested so much in education as in the past years under Merkel. "When Social Democrats promise to take care of education, that is not a promise for teachers, parents and students, but a threat," added Tauber. The former SPD state governments in North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein had been chosen precisely because of the educational policy. SPD countries are always in the last squad, in all areas of education. At the same time, Tauber emphasized that the Union also wanted collective efforts. "One must, however, not relax the cooperation prohibition." According to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, there are great differences in quality in the daycare centers: in Westdeutsche Krippengruppen, a skilled worker averaged 3.6 children, while the East German children were about six children.


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