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Smart Home: openHAB 2.2 continues to open for Visual Studio Code

Monday, December 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: openhab)
             By connecting to the Language Server Protocol, the smart home system is independent of the IDE. The extension for Visual Studio Code replaces the openHAB Designer. The new Home Builder helps to implement the infrastructure.


        Shortly before Christmas various smart home devices are under the Christmas tree, the openHAB makers have released version 2.2 of the smart home platform. The release brings some new features, especially with regard to the tooling. So the connection to Visual Studio Code is now the official tool of choice, and the Home Builder automates the creation of boilerplate code.
Visual Studio Code and Home BuilderThe Visual Studio Code Extension already existed for the release of openHAB 2.1 in June. Now it's mature enough to replace the separate openHAB Designer tool: The team officially retired the tool built on Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform). openHAB is working with the Language Server Protocol (LSP) introduced by Microsoft, Red Hat and Codenvy in the summer of 2016. LSP separates the logic for individual programming languages ​​or protocols from the development environment, and a local server handles specific operations such as autocomplete or error detection. Visual Studio Code works with LSP as well as Eclipse and Atom.
The VS Code Extension provides a browser for accessing the physical devices (Things) and the virtual functions (Items). Optionally, a separate window can be displayed that displays a preview of the Sitemap UI. Users can also use the openHAB console directly in Microsoft's open source editor.
The Home Builder is a separate tool that helps to create items and sitemaps: users define the structure of their smart home system, and the tool creates the appropriate boilerplate code. The Home Builder is part of the standard installation of openHAB 2.2, but can also be installed separately.


          The Home Builder saves work and avoids typing mistakes.
          (Picture: openhab)

    openHAB for Raspberry PiIn parallel to the release of the platform, the makers of openHABian 1.4 have released a new variant of the self-configuring Linux system for use on Raspberry Pi and Pine A 64. It now offers further options to install tools like Node-RED, KNXd and Grafana directly together with openHAB. After installation, the additional tools are integrated into the openHAB dashboard.


          The new logo of openHAB
    In addition, openHAB 2.2 brings additional bindings for end devices as well as for Apple's iCloud. Some connections have been completely overhauled by the creators in order to optimize them for the configuration of openHAB 2. Finally, there are fresh versions of the apps for iOS and Android. Last but not least, openHAB got a new logo, which can be found in both the mobile apps and the user interface.
Further details can be found in the blog post. openHAB connects different components in the smart home. The basic framework forms the basis of Eclipse SmartHome. The open source software is developed by the openHAB community, and the openHAB Foundation, according to the association's statutes, is responsible for the promotion of consumer advice and consumer protection as well as popular education regarding Free Software for home automation.




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