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Shares New York close: Economic data help to record News

Monday, October 2nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – At the start of the fourth quarter, the most important indices on Wall Street in the USA have risen to record highs. For the first time in its history, the Dow Jones Industrial (Dow Jones 30 Industrial) surpassed the mark of 22,500 points. With a plus of 0.68 per cent on 22 557.60 points, the US lead index finally ended up just below its recently achieved record of 22 559.38 points.Brsians were talking about a unchanged positive sentiment, which has been boosted by new positive economic data from the industry and industry Construction industry. Analysts also pointed out that the last quarter is traditionally the strongest on the Brse. The broad-based S & P 500 and Nasdaq Composite (NASDAQ Composite Index) technology index also reached their peak. The S & P 500 closed 0.29 per cent higher at 2529.12 points, which is only a minimum of its record. The Nasdaq Composite (NASDAQ Composite Index), boosted by technology, climbed at 6527.22 points before closing the day with a plus of 0.32 percent to 6516.72 counts. The selection index NASDAQ 100, on the other hand, hardly hit the mark with a plus of 0.04 per cent to 5981.92 meters. He reached his record high of just under 6013 points in mid-September. In the US industry, the mood in September had already improved from already high levels and reached the highest level in 13 years. The purchasing managers index ISM had climbed by 2.0 points to 60.8 meters, while bankers were expecting an impression. In addition, the construction spending in August had risen again after a sharp decline in the previous month, somewhat stronger than expected. /ck/he


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